The Art Of Telling Your Story Is Our Business

We love telling stories that is our business and what we specialise in. Let us help you create and tell your story through your brand and business.


95% of the time people see before they hear anything, as they say first impressions count. So it’s even more important that your brand is showing your audience what you are actually trying to say, before they walk away and buy from someone else.


We don’t just help you shout louder ‘Hey Notice Me!’ We help you create a brand that is the star attraction, which leaves a lasting pictures, taste and aroma in the lives of your audience.


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We help you build a CULT following that people want more and more of.
We help you tell a story that connects with the hearts of the people who are actually looking and wanting what you have to say and offer.


Storytelling is the New Currency and Medium of the 21st Century


Rachael Academy is a company that believes that all mankind can live the life they want no matter where they are in the world. Rachael Academy vision is to impact the small fishes in the big ponds to help the individual looking for ways to make their life better.


Collectively with our group of multimedia brands we connect with millions of individuals, entrepreneurs and business owners who drive forward with ideas, innovations and thoughts that impact and change the world.


Better we are together than we are apart. We become an unstoppable force when we create atmospheres and cultures where we allow others the chance to live the life they want and the freedom they so desire on their own terms.


Here at Rachael Academy we provide the individual the tools and knowhow to take their own keys and drive their own ship with our great multimedia platforms


Make your brand go further with our unique variety of customised packages, programs integrated across digital, print, event, community and platforms.









Hello Lovelies and welcome to RACHAEL ACADEMY my name is Rachael Aprill Phillips and I’m the one who runs things round here Only Kidding. Thank you for taking out the time to visit us.










A Little Bit About Me.


I’m an entrepreneur, mum of four wife, writer, author, speaker and I’ve been named Top Global Marketing Expert by Huffington Post and She Inspires Her.  

So Why Did I Create Rachael Academy?

I created Rachael Academy because I have a love for Media, Design, Fashion and Marketing. I have a background in fashion and interior design before taking up Business and Marketing. I also have a knack for telling stories after writer and publishing three books which have been best sellers.

After being in the business world for the past 11 years and working as a business and marketing consultant for big brands like, The Body Shop and more. I wanted to put together my years of expertise into one treasure trove and use them to help others build their own unique brands and tell their own unique stories.


So How Can Rachael Academy Help You?

With my 10 years in the corporate world and my 5 in the creative industry I think I know a thing or two how to make you stand out from the crowed. I can help you Define Your Brand and what it is you actually want to say to your watching and listening Audience.

Brands ‘YOU’ are bought by your audience by sight, before they even hear what you are about to say and offer. You know these old sayings ‘Actions speaks louder than words?’ and ‘First impressions counts?’

You do? Great!

Then you know that it’s even more important than ever before in our social media society that the few seconds of lime light you get you use it to engage with your audience and make it electrifying so to speak.

A Bolt of Sensation needs to run through their minds and hearts when they come into contact with your brand.

That’s basically what I do I help you create a brand that leaves a lasting impression and print in the minds and hearts of your audience.

Would you like my help to make you a super star in your Niche?

Then talk to me today.. 

Or take time to browse through Rachael Academy Packages and online Resources and courses just for you.


rachael aprill phillips


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