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Thank you for taking out the time to visit our compensation plan page. This page was created to be as transparent as possible and to show you the amazing opportunity that members to our community have. It is important that if you would like to be a RACHAEL ACADEMY Licensed RIBO , you need to take out the time to read all the information on this page. Don't worry it's very simple and easy to follow.
Members get the amazing opportunity to make between £4.95 and £1000  every month and money on individual sales.

This is how you make your money with us.

RACHAEL ACADEMY is continually producing and creating high Level business content, products, seminars live events, masterminds and workshops for by leading experts in the fields of Finance, Investment, Marketing, Branding, Sales, Leads Generation and so much more. We then pay our Affiliates and RIBO a percentage of the cost of our products and live events for just sharing our products with those who need what we have to offer and that's it simple as one-two-three.
We pay between 5% to 10% for the smaller ticket items and 10% 50% for the larger ticket items.
If you’re interested in becoming a RIBO member (or all of the above) please get back in touch with whoever sent you to this page. If You are not working with a Rachael Academy RIBO please get in touch with us here.




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