Benefits of LinkedIn For Your Business


This free Report will look at the benefits of the LinkedIn website for businesses. LinkedIn is a social network for businesses and professionals. Despite being a year older than Facebook and boasting 135,000,000 users, the website is less well known than other social networking sites.
          Fame and media attention are not everything though, because LinkedIn pushes all the buttons professionals and companies need in a social network. This is why all the executives of the Fortune 500 count themselves as LinkedIn members. This is also, why LinkedIn has been profitable since 2006 and was floated as a public company in 2011.
  1. Introduction 4
  2. Business Tools 8
2.1 Business Pages                          
2.2 Brand Building                                        
2.3 Recruitment                                            
2.4 Teamwork                                                
2.5 Client Acquisition                                   
2.6 Market Research & Interaction        
2.7 Advertising and Marketing                  
  1. Success Stories 
3.1 Hewlett-Packard                            
3.2 Chevron                                          
3.3 Volkswagen India                               
  1. Conclusion 21
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