From Side Hustle To Full Time

Yes, every blogger CAN make money from their website. It’s just a matter of patience, hard work, and learning.

There is a lot that goes into establishing and building a blog that has the potential to make you huge amounts of money and a living. In this free guide our aim is to share with you what has worked for many of Rachael Academy clients and expert bloggers and we are confident it can work for you too if you are willing to follow the processes we provide for you below.


Table of Contents: Here’s how to monetize a blog:

Monetizing fundamentals

  • A valuable niche
  • Amazing content
  • A loyal community and following
  • Engagement

Monetize with Ads 

  • Display ads
  • Native ads
  • Custom ads with affiliate links

Monetize with Affiliate Marketing

  • Amazon Associates
  • Affiliate networks
  • Single program affiliate links
  • Info Product affiliate links

Monetize with Products

  • Ebooks
  • Online courses
  • Virtual Summits

Monetize with your Content

  • Sponsorships (and paid or premium content)
  • Membership sites
  • Flipping blogs



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