How Not To Get Into Debt Has A Business Owner


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Welcome to another edition of Rachael Academy Podcast. How are you all doing? Happy Belated 1st of April. I know I can’t believe it to we are truly and really into the year of 2019. It feels like it was only 3 weeks ago we were just celebrating christmas. Wow hasn’t time flown?

I don’t know about you but business seems to become just that little more difficult to manage? Especially if you are already on a tight budget, you know the feeling….

On the latest episode of Rachael Academy podcast were going to talk about the issue we all face at some point on our entrepreneurial journey – DEBT and how we as business owners can prepare and structure times when our business goes through lean times and how we can manage the day to day flow of cash that comes in and out of our business.

I love to know your thoughts on this matter and subject so don’t forget to leave your comments below.


Great Resources if you are struggling with debt | How To Navigate In The Land of Credit! For Entrepreneurs

No matter who you are, what type of business you’re in, or how long you’ve been around – we all at one time or another have visited the “land of credit”. It is vital to the reputation of your business that we learn some tips about credit and how to not let it ruin us.


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Want to learn how to start your own successful online business? “In 1950 about one in three women participated in the labour force. By 1998, nearly three of every five women of working age were in the labour force. Among women age 16 and over, the labour force participation rate was 33.9 percent in 1950, compared with 59.8 percent in 1998. In this book you will learn how to come off the rat race of the 9-5 day and open the door to a new way of life and thinking. Affiliate marketing is the fastest growing home-based business. It’s a business that’s not based on others efforts but solely on yours leaving plenty of room for you to grow your business the way you want while having full control on what goes.

Home-working has become increasingly fashionable. More than 90% of companies in Germany and Sweden allow flexible working. A growing number of firms are learning to divide the working week in new ways judging staff on annual rather than weekly hours, allowing them to work nine days a fortnight, letting them come in early or late and allowing husbands and wives to share jobs. Faster change is likely as women exploit their economic power. Many talented women are already hopping off the corporate treadmill to form companies that better meet their needs. In the past decade the number of privately owned companies started by women in America and the world has increased twice as fast as the number owned by men. Women-owned companies employ more people than the largest 500 companies combined.

When I started in business thirteen years ago one of the first businesses I started was in affiliate marketing part-time as well as working a full time job teaching. I found the little income I was making went a long way and went into helping to pay for those few little extra things. Six years ago I decided to really concentrate on working from home and the results have been tremendous.

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