How To Navigate In The Land of Credit! For Entrepreneurs


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No matter who you are, what type of business you’re in, or how long you’ve been around – we all at one time or another have visited the “land of credit”. It is vital to the reputation of your business that we learn some tips about credit and how to not let it ruin us.

I did a recent podcast on this subject ‘How To Not Get Into Debt As A Business Owner‘ you can listen in here.

It’s a smart move, especially in today’s political and business climate, when credit laws are changing at what seems like minutes and not months.

“Old-school” business mentors have fostered the idea that a man’s word was his or her bond, but in today’s business world the majority of people are always assuming – and assuming the worst. Creditors, debtors or anyone that base their theories on assumptions are headed for failure, and yet it’s done everyday. When people fail to pay their bills on time, many creditors assume the debtor doesn’t have the means to pay the debt. These creditors will often set up an arrangement or lower the amount so that you can repay the debt. This is a step to credit repair, however it takes you to contact the creditor and apprise him or her of your situation.

My Story With Debt

If I can be honest with you here, when I decided to start Rachael Academy I wasn’t in a good place financially but I knew if I ever wanted to get out of my financial rut I was going to have to try something that I had not tried before and that for me was entering the entrepreneurial journey. I finally after 5 years, last year I cleared all my major debts.

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Staying in contact with your payments each month can help you avoid bad credit and getting into such a situation. If you have several bills on hand and all the bills are pressing, it makes sense to pay off the debt that benefits you the most. After this is paid then you can set aside an amount toward the next debt. Once you follow this strategy it allows you to work your bills down gradually thus repairing your credit standing.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask

If you don’t have the funds to pay the entire bill, at least pay the minimum amount due so that you can continue using the service. I remember for one of my debts I was paying an equivalent of just £1 a day, it was all I could afford 5 years ago. Many debtors assume they are in debt and there’s nothing that they can do to resolve their problems, and this is the process of giving up on life. When we give up, it leads to stress and the answer is often right in front of our nose. Creditors are business people too, and if approached properly they will usually try to work with you, you just got to be willing to think outside the box.

Of course making the wise decision ahead of the game is the ultimate solution to maintaining good credit. If you research the marketplace before coming to a purchasing decision, you’re well on your way to avoiding bad credit and credit repair hassles.

 Always Be Informed When It Comes To Taking Out Credit

Many people when taking out a home mortgage loan for example are not aware of the options available to them. They’ll walk in the bank door, fill out the application, and accept the terms & conditions when offered to them. There are many families and individuals who filed bankruptcy because they couldn’t afford their homes anymore, and primarily because they didn’t take out the time to check the marketplace first and search the options available to them.

Being informed and educated are two of the best tools offered to us. There are mortgage loans that offer overpayments and underpayments, and these loans include vacation packages and lump sum payments to the borrowers. There are also other loans available that offer low mortgage monthly installments and low interest rates with insurance policies attached that will pay your mortgage if you are sick, unemployed, or in an accident. I have added and attached some links to some website to help you with better informing yourself.

(Do note: That this UK based only). If you search good old faithful google you should be able to find similar websites for your country.

Should I over pay my mortgage?-

A guide to mortgages with special features

Also see below at the end of my post, links to organisations, charities and companies that offer help with debt.

On the other hand, there are mortgage loans that have high interest rates, high mortgages and balloon payments attached. When balloon payments are attached to home mortgages it is almost guaranteed that in a few years you’ll be searching for a solution to repair your credit. There are many home lenders who will not tell you the truth about the variety of home loans available because they are making money and you’re a source of income. It’s important to scope the terms & agreements carefully, as well as reading all fine print on any loan contract before you sign. If you’re applying for a home loan and want to avoid bad credit, it makes sense to learn what the fees include and how much those fees are.

There are some home loans that offer an “acceleration clause”, which covers you if you miss mortgage payments. The lender will apply the clause by allowing you leniency providing you make payments the following month on time. This type of loan is great for avoiding bad credit, foreclosures, and repossessions. The marketplace is swarming with realtors and other sources that will help you get a mortgage loan affordable to you with benefits included, make sure to do some checking before you choose one.

Now I’m no expert so make sure you do your own research and seek your own professional help with an mortgage adviser


Here are some tips about loans that we’ll all take out during our life:

Car Loans

  • When applying for a car loan it’s also important to research the marketplace before agreeing to any terms & conditions. Make sure you find the best deals affordable to you. In college I learned the secret golden rule of car dealers, and that is that most dealers up the fees on cars by 15%. This means that if you negotiate wisely with the dealer you can get a reduction on the vehicle up to 15%.

Credit Cards

  • A word of advice when applying for credit cards, stay away from cards that have fees attached and high interest rates. Avoid credit card offers that have upfront fees or offer a high line of credit for a fee.

College Loans

  • Always consider investigating student loans before committing your self to a personal loan agreement. You may be qualified for a student grant from the government if you take the time to research the opportunities.

I think it is important to also mention that, if you’ve found yourself at a place where you are maxed out with debt, the first thing you must do is ‘Don’t beat yourself up‘ – we all make mistakes at certain point on our journey called life, heck I have, many times in fact. financial education wasn’t taught to many, by the way that was for a reason, but that thought would have to wait for our next discussion.

Secondly no matter how bad in debt you are there is help out there for you, don’t suffer in silence. The entrepreneurial journey can open some can of worms when it comes to our money.

I wish a safe passage in all your entrepreneurial journey.

Best Wishes

Resources For Help With Debt UK Based Only

UK Government help with debt

Citizens Advice help with debt

Step Change help and advice with debt

Money Saving Expert- Tips and advice on debt and money management.

The Money Advice Service- information and advice

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