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How To Play The Game Of Life To Win

Asking and wishing for what you want doesn’t always mean you get it.

We all learn that lesson as children. Learning how to ask is a lesson many people never properly learn. Knowing how to ask for what you want can mean the difference between getting it and just continuing to want it.

Even more important than knowing how to ask, is knowing what you’re asking for. Understanding what you want and the reasons you want it can give you valuable insight to the thought process that is necessary to achieving your desires.

Asking for riches without first knowing what you want those riches for may not bring you the happiness and satisfaction you anticipated.

Realising why you want money can help you understand what your real desire is.

Do you want it to provide security for your family, or because you really want the power money buys. The goals here are different. And while obtaining one, doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t get the other, it also doesn’t mean you will either.

Asking for another job is a good example. Why do you want another job? Is it a second job you want? Or one that pays more? Or are you really wanting a job that you can enjoy doing? Not knowing why you want another job, can lead to dissatisfaction when you get what you asked for.

So how we win the game of life is first understanding what it is we want at our core level then building up the strength of mind and fortitude to go for that we desire, then you become the winner on the chess board of life.

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  1. I’m sheockd that I found this info so easily.

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