How To Turn Your Side Hustle Into A Full Time Gig With Dawn-Marie Nesbitt

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NOW LIVE | 14 | 03| 2019

Dawn-Marie Nesbitt is a blogger and digital marketing strategist at I Am Dawn-Marie. I help entrepreneurs grow their business through blogging, whether as a product owner, network marketer or an affiliate marketer. As a network marketer or affiliate marketer you do not have to create your own products and as a product owner you certainly do not have to already have an email list or an existing audience to sell your products and create a thriving business. I have been blogging for the past 16 months and through curating valuable, persuasive content I have been able to sell my own digital products as well as the products of others. I will teach you how to start a blog, how to get traffic through an unsaturated and untapped free traffic source – Pinterest – and how to effectively monetise your blog in a strategic way that will help you build your email list and grow your client/customer base from scratch. One fun fact about me – When I’m not in front of the computer, I am travelling or tasting the best foods from different cultures – major foodie.

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