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Hum, that sounds like website shame. You know that feeling you get in your stomach every time you give out your URL, secretly hoping they won’t really take a pick and check you out.

I’ve been there before many moons ago....

Here’s the thing, I believe your website should be an extension of your home, with your comfortable pieces that make a home, a home. And I’m the interior designer you’ve always dreamed of who comes in and adds the designer touches and elements that makes your home still the comfortable place you so much love but also the place where it’s the envy of all and the talk of the town. Your online home should feel comfortable and inviting, but most importantly, it should feel just like YOU.

And when your site accurately reflects you and your awesomeness, guess what? You make MORE money while doing LESS work.

This is because when they show up to your site after already hearing great things about you and your site they are PUMPED to purchase because they see that your site is thebadass.com and you mean business.

The website tells your clients that you have it all together in your business, products and offerings. Yes, this is how people think.

My ideal client fits my collaboration criteria:

  • You’re a newbie entrepreneur who is ready to take action in growing and building their business.
  • You’re a open minded entrepreneur that has been in business for at least 2 years.
  • You appreciate my aesthetic (clean, classic, modern, appreciation for style.
  • You have a website but it doesn’t feel like “home” and you know the value of a website that works for you, like the business partner you never had.
  • You’re ready to INVEST in your business, knowing the major business potential that is coming your way.

Does this sound like you?




I can’t wait to meetcha!









Nothing makes me more happier than to see someone making real money and an income from their online presence. If you’re website is ticking quietly, but no ones clicking on the buy button and making noise then I can help you find out why. I have the ability to look at your website and within seconds know exactly why they are not clicking and better yet I know how to fix it.

  • Sign up for a Rachael's Website Design and you’ll receive a detailed video showing you why their not clicking and a video showing me navigating through your site pointing out the areas for improvement.
  • Then you and me will have a one hour Skype session giving us the opportunity to come up with a list in PDF form that you can use to redesign your website so you’ll know how to communicate the changes effectively.

Rachael’s Video + PDF + website design range from £397 a pop and upwards.












Maybe you don’t need all the bells and bolts full on website redesign but you may just need a little guidance and clarity. Or maybe you just wanna have a chat with me. You’re in the right place! I offer one on one consulting for 1 hour via phone or Skype (and sometimes in person if you’re in the UK!) where I can answer your burning questions and give my honest feedback or recommendations. PLUS I’ll throw in a PDF full of actionable steps & resources to get you well on your way.

The kinds of stuff we can have a chit chat on :

  • My thoughts on strategy or design for your new startup/business/idea
  • How best and effectively to communicate with your current graphic designer.
  • How best and effectively to communicate with your desired audience
  • How to market or promote your new startup
  • and just about anything else you can think of! (related to business of course).

The fun doesn’t end after our meeting. You will also be able to have access to all my tools, resources, podcasts, courses, videos, systems and platforms to help grow your businesses.

Your more than welcome to email me with follow up questions up to 7 days after our session for all those last minute questions that may pop into your head.

Then, one month later we’ll have a 30 minute follow up meeting to see how your doing. Looks like were going to be seeing each other a little more, who's the lucky one!

My brain does get tired of thinking up great ideas, so I limit this offering to only 3 clients per month.

Wow! That’s 90 minutes of Rachael's time for £297.




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