10 Awesome! Strategies I've Used To Enhance My Business And Increase My Profits In 2017

There are many things we as business owners  can do in order to enhance our business and increase our profits. If we aren't doing everything we possibly can to make the most out of our businesses, then we are leaving money on the table, right? It's not rocket science and it certainly isn't difficult to understand. In my latest article I'm going to discuss with you the 10 most important, and possible crucial facts and ideas that if implemented, will increase your business as well as your profits. After being in business for the last 15 years and after working with many successful entrepreneurs and business owners, these steps I'm about to share with you here do work so follow carefully and Oh take notes.....

How I Set Goals Successfully, Achieved Them And Became A Powerhouse In My Industry And Life

If you don't already know we only have just over three month till we come to another Christmas and 2017 will officially be over and 2018 will begin. Let me ask you a personal question. Have you accomplished all that you set out to accomplish in 2017? If not, I'm sure you're feeling a little somewhat frustrated about things. Okay things didn't plan out the way you expected them to this year, that does not mean they can't plan out in the coming year if we make the conscious choice to learn from our mistakes and move forwards confidently with our goals for 2018.

How The Power Of Learning To Love Yourself Can Make You Earn More

You spot a totally eye-catching girl or man sitting by themselves at a party, casually sipping on a glass of Asti Spumanti. You think to yourself, “they look so perfectly calm and confident.” But if you could read thru their transparent mind, you would see a bunch of clouds of thoughts and you might just be amazed that they're thinking “are people talking about why I am seated here alone?... Why don’t people find me attractive? …I don’t like my ankles, they look too skinny… "Or I wish I was as intelligent as my best friend.”

A Day In The Life Of A Freelance Content Manager & Creative Director

The best thing about working as a Content Creator Manager and Social Media Manager here at Rachael Academy is that each day is different. My “official” title is Content Developer, but what I do encompasses a lot more than simply writing a few articles or blog posts. We all wear many hats here at Rachael Academy, which makes every day unique and challenging. You always have to be ready for the unexpected, willing to take on a new task, and prepared to deal with breaking news the moment it happens

Why I Took Out The Time To Create A Home Made Music Video With My Daughter

It's hard being a mother of four and in business. Making sure you plan and manage your time so there's enough time in the day or even week to give to your family and love ones. I'm sure we've all gone though this work-life-balance dilemma. And we all know too well if time is not taken out to spend the quality time our children and family so need it could have great consequence in the long run.

3 Powerful Ways To Make It Rain In Your Startup Business

Okay so you've made it this far you've managed to raise the capital for your small homebased business and you're ready to go. You've made up your mind that you're going to put in all the wok and effort that is needed to make your startup a success. The business journey is a mindfield with many options and roads to take and many take them only to leave them more confused. But there are only a few options that will bring you maximum results and profits into your startup time and time again only if you know what you are doing.  so here they are. 

How To Bootstrap Your Life & Business To Maximum Heights And Success

It's been 13 years now since I first started my journey of entrepreneurship and pushing the boat out and starting a business. I'v e loved every minute of it, the ups and downs and all in between. I'm now in a new phase and chapter of my life and journey. In 7 days time I will be turning 38 years young, I also will be celebrating my 20 years anniversary and I've just completed on the purchase of my dream offices and studio, so you can say that I'm pretty emotional and overwhelmed about everything.

How I Used The Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs To Find My Purpose And Boy!

“You’re just not that kind of person that takes out the time to find out what you were really put on this earth to accomplish are you?” This was the statement made to me by husband on our date night three years ago, I was sitting beside him in the car and I wanted to turn around and give him one of those steer downs, you know those one that lets you know it’s time to make a quick exit out…to the nearest exit But I could not shake off what he said, and even worse he was right. Now by now I was running a successful business and I’d been in business for 10 years and as far as I was concerned I was just fine thank you very much.

11 Potent Foods To Help You Lose Weight & Live Healthy

For the past 6 month I've been on an revamp of my life to live a more healthy and fit lifestyle. It's one thing to have the idea the problems come when you have to execute the plan you have in your mind and this where in the past I came against a brick wall. But this time before I started my healthy lifestyle journey I managed to do some research into the matter hence the greater result of losing pounds. So I thought I would share with you what I have been leaning about the journey and the foods that have been working best for my weight loss success goals.

Can You Guess What Doors These Keys Open?

For a while now I knew it was time for me to fly the nest and leave my comfortable home office and embrace a new adventure that was long coming. For all you budding entrepreneurs out there or business owners you know to well the challenges we face as we get ready to expand our businesses. And for me my business was like my side hobby that I started 13 years ago while working full time as a business studies teacher, that along the years has grown to what I think is what you would call a business.

How Team Work Makes The Dream Work And Other Juicy TipBits

This coming August 2017 I will be celebrating my 23 years of Friendship and 20 years of Marriage to my partner in crime. I can't believe it has been 20 years already since we said I do. It's scary to think that I have spent more time with this wonderful man than I've spent alive on this earth WOW! I can't even begin to imagine how we managed to have raised four wonderful and beautiful children and come this far.

Why You Aren’t as Happy, Successful and Fulfilled as You Should Be?

Before we look at improving our lives and achieving that sense of accomplishment and fulfilment, it first makes sense to focus on the things we’re doing wrong. The things that we could be doing better and the things that are holding us back.

Let’s Get Organised! Easy and Simple Strategies to Getting (and Staying) Organised

How we spend out time says a lot about who we are. If you are simply too tired or do not have adequate time to do anything in the evenings, then your daily routine is out of balance and you need to make adjustments. Your work can be too difficult or unsuitable, or you may not be making full use of your hours during your day or evening. A good balance of your time is needed for work, goals, recreation, and relaxation. Take a close look at your daily routine, examine your findings and come up with a plan. Be prepared to follow your plan and with this, you can become a better organised person.

Unleashing Your Creative Thinking To Bring About A New Zest For Living Life

People seem to have the misconception that only a select few are able to unleash a steady flow of creative genius. That is not true at all. The fact is, creativity is very much like a muscle that needs to be exercised in order to consistently give out great results. If you don't practice harnessing creative thinking, this skill will very much just quietly die out. But keep working and this skill will soon come to you in a snap. So how do you unleash your creative thinking?

You're Not A Failure Just A Work In Progress On An Adventure On The Hero's Journey

Unfortunately, it has become all too easy for us to stay in our comfort zones thanks to the ready availability of… everything. Too often, the greatest challenge we will face on a daily basis is completing an assignment for work. The newest discovery we will make is often taking a different route home from work and if we ever decided to embark on this new found route home we might get lost and even worse be home late to watch the latest season of Game of Thrones and for some of us that's too much to bare.






























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