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The Superheros Came Out With Their Cape’s

So the time has come when we finally begin work on Rachael Academy studio’s . I was so excited and humble to begin work.  I had a crew of able hands on the go to help get things going.




It has been a 5 year journey to this place, some might call it slow but I call it just right on time.


And So It Begins






As a business owner of multiple business one of my main concerns was not batting over what I could actually afford. I’ve seen so many entrepreneurs and businesses fail and go bankrupt  because they fail to be willing to go through the slow process of businesses success and what it really takes to build a business.



It’ not helped by news we sometimes see plastered on our social media feeds of another small company who had just finished their round of funding for a 2 million investment, which leaves you asking, What For??


Entrepreneurship is a mind over matter game. You’re going to find yourselves at times asking do I need that for my ego rubbing or do I need that actually for my business growth. I’ve been blessed to learn how to stay in my lane, run it well and successfully to suit my business financial needs.


Don’t get me wrong we should all be as entrepreneurs and business owners be pursuing and pushing for the best we ourselves and business cold be, but we must be careful that we are actually running our own race that fits out budgets and pockets. That being said We feel it’s time to fly the nest of a home-based business from our spare room to our own studio’s and offices.


We can’t wait to show you the finial results so stay tuned.



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