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I Have The Power How To Get Up After A Set Back

"WOW" this was my first ever video on YouTube two years ago, where did that skinny girl go. So motivated to find this that I will be doing The Secret Diary Of An Entrepreneur every Friday from now on. So check out my latest video hopefully it will help you get started.

5 Ways To Find A JV Partner For Your Business

Doing things all by yourself can make you so stressed out in your business. Wouldn't it be fun to get hocked up excuse the punt find a like minded individual that you can partner up with to help you grow your business?

How To Build A Brand Within A Brand

So do you have a home-based business and your struggling to find away to get it out there to the right people? Or maybe your involved with a network marketing company....

How To Stay Focus In Your Business

I can't believe that it is already March already, don't panic take a deep breath you still have time to get going with your plan of action for your business. In my latest video I share with you some simple tips to help you stay focus and staying happy within your business.

How To Generate More Leads And Sales Within Your Business

Running a business online need to things for it to stay alive one eye balls, two eye balls. No seriously for your business online or off-line need to have great systems in place for it to be firing on all cylinders.

My Essential Life Hack Must Have Products

Hi there lovelies hope you are well. You know when you've just had such a long day and it's that time for kicking your feet up and just relaxing? Well when those days call what better way than to have your....

Latest From She Means Business

Hey there lovely why don't you check out all my latest articles for your spiritual, business and personal growth


How To Establish Your Self On A Planet That Goes Round In Circles


Have You Started Out Your Year Like A Deflated Balloon Running Out Of Air?


Top 18 Lucrative Businesses You Should Start In Ghana In 2017

promte your brand

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Watch Inspirational, How To's, Motivational and Business Advice Videos 24 Hours A Day

Red By Design

Do you want to enter the creative industry, but you're not quite sure where to start? With it's vast array of options choosing can become difficult that you think. Interior Design is one great avenue to think of in the creative industry, so here's a video by RedTv

How To Start A Fashion, Beauty, or Lifestyle Blog! | hayleypaige

Have you've been dreaming of that one day when you will start your own niche blog? You've travelled sea and beyond, taken the pictures and your inching to share them with other travel Geeks to see.

7 Ways To Build Your Celebrity Status

Do you want to build a stable business that will last the test of time? I'm sure yes was your answer, well one great way to do this is to become a celebrity. But don't stress there are simple cost effective and easy ways to do this without breaking the bank and I share this in my latest video enjoy.

Men's Outfit Inspiration | Men's Fashion Look Book 2017

If you are a man out there you might be aware of the increase in men's fashion and grooming products that have hit the market recently. And it looks like the trend is not slowing down. So to join in on the trend, here is a great video to give some inspirations on your next treat yourself purchase.

How to Build an Amazing Instagram Account with Heaps of Followers

Jane & Pia give you their top tips in how they have collectively built a following of 1.3m between their instagram accounts (@iloveshowpo @thelazyceo @piamuehlenbeck) Find out how to curate great content for your instagram account and how to build a following for your account.


Okay your ready, your steady and your on the go. Your doing it starting your 2017 healthy lifestyle and fitness goals. Well good on you. So you won't mind then a little more ideas then? XO

Latest From Our Magazine

Read all the latest business, lifestyle and entrepreneurial news. Stay on trend and up to date with your business.


Here’s What the Belief System of the Wealthy Actually Looks Like

Those people that find wealth don’t look and think about things in the same manner as other people do. How often have you heard someone say something like ‘the wealthy are greedy or the wealthy are crooked?’


The Power Of Learning To Take ‘YOU’ Wherever You Go Will Make You A Magnet For Wealth

This Friday As I get ready for a speaking engagement in the next couple of days where I will be speaking in front a small group of people where straight afterwards there will be time for networking feels me with excitement and joy.


How To Create And Develop Your Own Meaningful Personal Prosperity For 2017

As I do as a marketing expert I take my time every new year to research and take a journey round social media to see what is happening in the World Wide Web.


The Clever Strategy That Turned an Unknown Book Into a Bestseller

UJ Ramdas had an idea he knew people would love but that no publishing house would ever take seriously. Here it is: a mostly blank book


3 Strategies to Nail Before You Launch Your Social-Media Campaign

When I talk to small-business owners, they often tell me they’re “doing” social-media marketing. I’m always glad to hear this, but the way they describe their process reveals they’re unfocused in their efforts.


How to Promote Your Podcast

Before we launched our Buffer podcast, so much of our time and energy (99.9% of it, I’d wager!) was spent getting the sounds and feel just right. We did all the podcast things we were supposed to do in order to make a really great podcast — the interviews

Grow a Highly Successful Business And Brand

I know for any business to survive and make it in today's fast past economy then your going to have to invest in the latest tools and systems that will help you run your business easily, efficiently and effectively.




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