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Welcome to my WORLD!

Hi there lovely, thanks a bunch for joining me here on my video page. I can't believe it that, it's been three years since I posted my first video for the world to see and you know that feeling when you want to hide them all from the world. But I decided a while back that I was going to celebrate myself for my successes and achievements in life, so showcasing them all here will help remind me (and you) where I have come from and how far I have travelled so far. And to also remind you that all your successes is ahead of you. Don't never, ever give up on your DREAMS! ūüôā

Videos Trending On Rachael Academy

Welcome to my video vault of videos. Here's what's trending this week on Rachael Academy. Watch, laugh and learn Oh! and join in on the conversation.

How I Make £100 A Day Online With Just Two Products

If you like to know more about the company TLC and their products checkout my company website here .

6 Strategies To Keeping Your Solapreneur Business In The Black.

Keeping your solapreneur business ticking along and functioning the way it should is what I'm sharing with you today on Rachael Academy "Welcome to my World"

How To Open The Doors For Miracles And Angels In Your Life In 2018

Hi there my lovelies so it's official 2018 is finally and truly here. 2017 has been a blast and thank you all for your support and love. I wanted to share my latest video with you all about How to open the door for more Miracles in your life to become all that you want to be.

I'am Seriously Burnt Out! Why I took 8 Weeks Off Work

Hello I know it's been a while. This video explains Why I Took time Off Work To Restructure My Life Before I Burnt Out, What I learnt from the whole experience and how I manged To Publish 3 books in the process. Hope you enjoy it lave a comment and let me know what you've been up to since I've been away... much love XOO

How To Become More Productive On Your Side Hustle

Being productive in life is a plus in my book. Productivity cuts out the feeling of regret some of us have in our lives. Productivity also helps you stay focus on your dreams. So check out my latest video hopefully it will help you get started.

How To Create A Great About Us Page

When starting out in business have a place where you can showcase your wok is a bounce. So it's even more important that our website function in the right way.

How To Turn Your Side Hustle Into a Successful Full-time Business and Brand

My latest video side hustle. I decided to do a short series on for those of you out there who where wanting to start a business

My Top 5 Youtube Music Channels To Watch With @PHIBI

Let's talk music for all you music lovers out there.

How To start Your Own Successful Side Hustle

So many people now are starting their own part-time business in their spare time.

My Top 10 Instagram Fashion Accounts To Watch!

When you've run out of ideas and what to wear what better way than to get some inspiration.

How To Stay Focus In Your Business

I can't believe that it is already March already, don't panic take a deep breath you still have time to get going with your plan of action for your business. In my latest video I share with you some simple tips to help you stay focus and staying happy within your business.

I've Got The Power How To Get Up After A Set Back

"WOW" this was my first ever video on YouTube two years ago, where did that skinny girl go. So motivated to find this that I will be doing The Secret Diary Of An Entrepreneur every Friday from now on. So check out my latest video hopefully it will help you get started.

The Wrong Pursuit Of Success

Is the success you're striving for really what you want? And when you get there or it will you know?

How To Get Back Up After A Setback

We all fall down and make mistakes sometimes but if we choose not to stay down we will develop the power to keep going.

My Healthy Eating Tip To Lose Weight For Summer

Staying healthy for me is a big one so here I go AGAAIN!

How To Research Your Products To Sell On EBay

If you've started a part-time business on EBay but you are struggling to find what to sell TRY THIS!

How to Build a Business with No Money or Products-with Branding and Marketing Expert

Let's get straight into it.

Words of Encouragement from me to you

We all need a little lift once in a while when things get rough in life, here's mine.

How to Make Money without a Job Part 2

We've all wondered if this internet things is really working and is it true what they say about riches online?

How To Start A Business And Market It On EBay

Five quick steps to show you how to start a business and market it on EBay.

How To Find A Product To Sell On EBay

Thinking of starting a part-time business? Try this

How Do You Know You Are Going In The Right Direction?

Are you going in the right direction for your life? And if you are how can you tell that it's the right direction for your life?

'New Year New Opportunities'

It's that time again to get your self focus and ready for what the New Year has in store for you.

How to Make Money without a Job Part 1

We have all wondered if this internet thing really works and can you really make money from it?

Latest From Our Video Vault

Watch Inspirational, How To's, Motivational and Business Advice Videos 24 Hours A Day, 7 Days a week. Promote Yourself, business and brand with us.

How To Look Expensive & Classy When You Are Broke!

Check out this latest video from funny and lovely Patricia Bright. | Hey Lovelies I hope you are having an amazing weekend, I really wanted to do this video so I hope you love it like I do! Check out her videos on our video vlog site

Beautiful Home Decor Tips for Less Money with Interior Designer Tiffany Harris

Okay Summer has come and gone for some of us here in the UK we barely had a summer, so brighten up Decorating a home can be a trying thing to do with the best of budgets. Watch more home deco videos here

2017 Entrepreneur of the Year competition winners announced

e 2017 Entrepreneur of the Year competition sponsored by Sanlam and BUSINESS/PARTNERS were announced on Wednesday 6 September 2017 in Johannesburg.

Style Your Entryway For Spring / Designer Tips / Spring Decorating 2017 / Glam Home

The hotter weather is here and what better time to do your home spring cleaning and revamp.

The Role Of Balance In Personal Development

When it comes to balancing your personal and business life as an entrepreneur it can be a difficult mountain to climb. Get some simple, particle and helpful advice from actualized.org

CEO & Financial Guru, Ashley Fox: Tips on Building Wealth

Millennial entrepreneur and Black Enterprise contributor, Ashley Fox gives a few basic tips on building wealth at Black Enterprise's 12th Annual Women of Power Summit in Phoenix, Arizona.

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