What Do You Fear Most As An Entrepreneur?

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A lot of people have the vision to become entrepreneurs. However, many could not pursue this vision because they have been overcome by fear. You may have a brilliant idea, but if you cannot overcome these fears, you will not be able to achieve anything!

1. Fear of what other people will say

Unfortunately, the world is full of people who are heading nowhere but are ready to make a fun of someone who failed in their quest of achieving something. The fear of the people awaiting the downfall of one’s endeavor can make it difficult to achieve success.

It is certain that an entrepreneur will have to endure criticism from the people closest to them such as family and friends. Therefore, it is important to be resolute and focused to become an accomplished entrepreneur.

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You have to be prepared to feel sorry for those who mock you. Keep your head up and your eyes on the prize.

2. Fear of risk and failure.

Very often, the enormity of risks involved in the pursuit of an entrepreneur exceeds the rewards. This makes people shy away from taking risks. Rather than give up your vision because of a couple of risks, an entrepreneur should study the risks involved and take the appropriate steps to mitigate it.


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It is true that there is always a risk of failure, but at the same time there is a chance to be successful. You will nullify the opportunity to become a successful entrepreneur if you decide not to take the risk.

Every achievement comes with a little risk. Figure out what you are comfortable risking and jump!


3. Fear you lack the experience or expertise.

For a first-time entrepreneur, the fear of inadequate formal education and lack in the required skills can be a limiting factor. However, having a formal education is not a prerequisite to starting a business; most of the successful entrepreneurs in history do not have outstanding formal education. Do not limit yourself because you do not have a college degree.


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If you are passionate about your vision, take the required step. The success that awaits you is worth more than a diploma.

Not having experience in something doesn’t mean you won’t make it. Learning on the job is what being an entrepreneur is all about.


4. Fear of financial failure.

Financial insecurity is a common fear for all entrepreneurs; this is quite understandable. It is challenging to risk your lifestyle and life savings in other to achieve a dream. You can avoid overstretching the risk of financial insecurity by starting your business in a modest manner and avoiding debts where possible. This requires intelligent planning. Make a business plan and keep track of your benchmark goals with intermittent progress reports. This will create a channel for your business to follow and will help you stay focused.


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Be prepared to live lean for a little while while your business gets going. Keep an eye on your budget and remember to treat yourself once in awhile.


5. Fear of taking the wrong step.

Another limiting factor that is rife among entrepreneur in the fear of taking the wrong step. Most people who became an entrepreneur were formerly full-time employees who have the drive to be self-employed. The fear is associated with the insecurity associated with entrepreneurship where the take home pay is not certain.


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If you’re overcome with the fear that starting out as an entrepreneur is not the right decision, you can boost your confidence by taking certain actions. Talk to your mentors and other successful entrepreneurs and make a detailed market research regarding the prospects of your desired business niche. Do a test drive of the product or your focused niche, this will give you valuable data to create a business plan that will increase your chances of success.

You will make mistakes in your business. We all do. Learn from it, and move on. Try not to dwell too much on this or it will keep you up at night. Do your research, make the decision and trust yourself that you have made the right decision.

Are you considering taking the steps to become an entrepreneur? It’s not for the light hearted, but if you keep a cool head and do your research before you invest in anything, you will be much better off.

You should be prepared to be diligent and persistent and drink a lot of coffee. Always boost your morale by acknowledging your small achievements, and treat yourself whenever possible. If you have enough drive to succeed, you can push yourself to great heights.


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