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How Does The Writers Corner Benefit Me?

What is your genuine brand story? The writes corner helps you convey your message to your target audience and clients online. It’s also a place where you learn how to become a good writer. We also have within Our Writers Corner tips and guides on how to showcase yourself online, drive traffic to your promotions, build a loyal following and so much more.

Our multimedia writers corner tools will help you build your brand the way you like authentically. Find out more. 

How Does Each Membership Work?

You are automatically placed with the relevant content for you when you signup as a member e.g. if you signup as a freelancer, you’ll be placed with the relevant freelancer content.

Our Tool Boxes and programs do cover a wide range of niches, so you also get access to content that might not be relevant to you specifically.

Each membership price is the same, but access to the content you get will be different. Join Now!

Can I Choose My Own Free Monthly Content?

Yes.You get the choice to choose your monthly free content from our library vault of over 2000 ebooks, guides, programs and more. Get started join today!



Can I Cancel At Anytime?

You can cancel your membership at anytime. Just send us a short email message to and we’ll cancel your membership. If you are wanting to cancel within your billing cycle , you’ll still have access to your membership level content.

I Would Like To Know When Does Your Courses Start And Finish?

Our programs are ongoing so you can access them at anytime. You’ll have access to programs based on what you’ve paid for from our programs list. Online coaching sessions and our 1-2-1’s have life time access or private pass through our online BuWell Network. Our online training’s are completely self-paced – you decide when you start and you have 12 months to present all course assessments if any come with the syllabus.

Our programs are created in different mediums to cater for our diverse community.

Video, audio, webinars, zoom, workshops, live events, written content.

Could You Tell Me How Does Your Signature Program ‘Actualise to Maximise Work?

Our passion and aim is to create programs that create change. ‘The 4 Key Steps To Actualise and Miximise Your Life As A Business Owner’ is our signature program. You can access this program in 3 different ways. Our 12 Day sessions, Our 12 week sessions and Our 12 month sessions. As for now we’ve only rolled out our 12 Days Sessions. Our other signature programs will be rolling out later in the year. Click here to find out how you can access our Actualise To Maximise 12 Day Program.

We also have programs for each member level.

If you’re a business owner click here.

If you’re a freelancer click here.

If you’re a student click here.

I Would Like To Know How Much Does Your Programs Cost?

Our programs range in price, entry levels and niche. Dependent on what your business and personal growth goals and needs are. Our programs start from free and as little as £10 upwards. Each of our programs have been designed to help you achieve maximum life shift, success and growth in business and life as a business owner, freelancer and student.

Could You Let Me Know What Payment Options Are Available To Me?

There are many ways you can access our resources for your business and personal growth. Each content is designed to reflect each membership level.

We have a monthly or yearly price option and you can decided which content will best suit you. You can cancel your membership at anytime.

Our online programs are designed with our members in mind and provide a wide range of learning style, video, audio, webinars,zoom, pre-recorded, written and live workshops.

Become a member today and enjoy rewards and monthly gift away. Our mission is to create educational tools and resources that create impact, to help you discover what you’re good at, live from your core values and show up in the world authentically doing what you love. Check out our How It Works page for more information on how to get started.

Could You Tell Me Who Rachael Academy Is For?

Rachael Academy is for business owners, freelancers and students willing to forgo the outdated standards of what business should look like. We’re all bout empowering men and women with the tools and resources to live out an authentic and meaningful life doing what they love with balance, self-care and self-awareness.

For Business Owners:-

Simplify your business process and connect your core personal values to what you do everyday and fall back in love with your business.

We provide you with stress free wellness programs and resources that help you show up authentically in business and life so you can build your wider community and grow your brand.


You have a passion and love for what you do, but your not getting paid your worth. You’re stressed overworked and have lost the love for what you do.

Get access to our wellness, business programs and resources to help you create a lifestyle business that allows you to show up authentically while getting paid what you’re truly worth.


So many Gen Z’s have a lack of direction because the world is so confusing right now, but you still want to make something out of yourself and the normal route to a career is just not working for you.

Tap into our ‘Launch, Run& Grow’ programs, courses and resources to map out your next steps and launch into your dream life.

Industry ‘gurus‘ and ‘experts‘ tell us that the only way to become successful is when we, work harder and harder. But after 30 years in business and seeing countless of broken business men and women – striving for success. We believe that we can have success within our businesses and life, without sacrificing ourselves at the alter. Rachael Academy Network and Education platform provides business owners of all levels with the resources, knowledge and tools to help them create holistic businesses that makes money – whilst supporting their wellbeing at the same time. The Digital Heaven We Designed For Business Owners Putting Their Wellbeing First.” Find out more…



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