10 Ways To Make Money Fast For The Upcoming Holidays

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Christmas already, but you know what they say, It’s better to start early than get left behind. No they don’t say that really, that’s just something I coined myself, but hey why not start early and get planning before the holidays come.


Get Ready to Make Money for Christmas Shopping


If you’re stressing about where your holiday money is going to come from this year, I completely understand what you’re feeling. There were times in the past more than one Christmas where we were strapped for cash. We knew using credit would just sink into debt and put more stress on our budget. I had to get creative and find ways I could make money for my Christmas shopping, and I did here’s what I came up with.


#1 Sell Your Unused Stuff


I’ve found selling stuff we aren’t using anymore to be a surefire way to make cash. Go through your house and declutter. Do you have clothes you’ve not worn in months, but they are like new?

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Do you children have toys they never play with or outgrew? How about books, dvd’s, and music? Do you hoard craft supplies and never use them?


You can sell on Ebay, Craigslist, and even in local buy/sell groups on Facebook. Take good photos of the items. The nicer the photos the better stuff sells. Give buyers good customer service. Package items carefully if you ship them. Be fast with shipping items to the buyer. If you are selling locally, meet the person in a public location for your security. If you have them meet at your home, only have them come when your spouse or a friend is with you.


#2 Do Babysitting or Pet Sitting


Start your own babysitting or pet sitting services. There is no startup cost and you can fit it around your schedule easily. Tell friends and family.


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Create a profile on Care.com, Rover.com, and SitterCity.com. Holidays is a great time to do this because often people need sitters more than usual. People traveling need to have someone look after their pets. You can fill a service and make money for Christmas shopping!


#3 Bake and Sell Holiday Goodies


Drinking coffee with milk and cookies in a holiday mood

Do people compliment your baking skills. Are you a whiz at creating delicious dinners? Consider turning into a holiday-time business. People are busy and often don’t have time to bake cookies and other desserts for holiday celebrating.


Drinking coffee with milk and cookies in a holiday mood


You can fill that need. Create some samples and share them with neighbors. Make some nice flyers and share them with friends, and places you go to like the hair salon, church, etc.


Drinking coffee with milk and cookies in a holiday mood


Ask friends and family to spread the news at their work (give them samples to share). You could even offer to come to their home and help them bake and put together goodie baskets as presents.


#4 Create and Sell Handmade Items


Handy with DIY crafts? Consider using your creativity to make holiday wreaths and sell them locally or online. This does require some investment, but it can pay off well. Wreaths and other holiday decor are popular items that sell well. And, many people would rather buy then make it themselves.


The designer sits at the desk and writes out greeting cards


Browse Pinterest and get a few ideas of what’s popular. What items have you created that people just went crazy over? Make some samples and take orders or make enough to sell them right away. I recommend you pick a style you can change a little for different looks, such as all burlap wreath with decor accents or all pine wreaths with flowers and ribbon. One style will help keep the number of supplies you need.



Take nice photos, using natural light. List them on local buy/sell groups on Facebook. Open an Etsy shop. Or sell at a local event. Create a flyer and pass them around to friends, family, neighbors. Market to local builders. I once created and sold 2 dozen holiday wreaths to a custom home builder. They wanted them to give to their home buyers that year.


The designer sits at the desk and writes out greeting cards


To make selling your handmade items a success, you must make each look perfect. Picture your items as if you were a buyer. Ask yourself, “would buy this if I saw it in a gift shop?”

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