Yes the Rachael Academy 6 weeks mentorship program is for anyone one wanting to take their existing business to the next level or wanting to launch a brand new business. Though anyone can join and sign up to the Rachael Academy mentorship program, not everyone will stay the course, that is just the way life is. This might be due to time constrains  or other commitments. There is a lot of work, time and effort that goes into our mentorship program and we want to make sure that we are giving our full attention, commitment and time to those who really need our help.

So we can do this effectively there is a £49 nonrefundable administration charge for those wanting to take the program. We want to clear the space for those who are serious in wanting to launch a business or grow their existing business in the next 12 months.

The £49 charge will be deducted from the full program price of £297. For further help and information contact us here

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You don’t have to have a business knowledge if you are wanting to take the Rachael Academy 6 weeks program because you’re wanting to launch a new business, but you must have some kind of idea of what type of business you are wanting to start, as the program has been designed with this in mind.

If you are taking the Rachael Academy 6 weeks program because you are wanting to take your existing business to the next level and wanting to maximize your income and reach, then just the basic knowledge of your business history thus far will do. If you would like to discuss with us further contact us here.

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The Mentorship Program has been created like a classroom setting and you become one of the pupils within the class. There are 6 core lessons that you will take within your chosen program. If you are taking the Rachael Academy 6 weeks program as a new launching business then your 6 lessons will be based on the ‘NEWBIE’ program. If you are taking the program as an existing business then you will take your lessons form the ‘EXISTING’ business.

Each lesson comes with a downloadable workbook with information of each lesson and for you to take notes of what you’ve learnt in each lesson as you wish.

There is an option to book a phone consultation or Skype call if you would like some me time and personal interaction. If you would like some more information how this works contact us here.


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Rachael Academy Mentorship Program lasts for 6 weeks. Both the ‘NEWBIE’ and ‘BUSINESS OWNER’ Programs last 6 weeks. We have created the program to fit any business and category. The program template has been created using formula and strategies used on our over 1000 clients and feedback from our community of over 200,000 world wide. If you feel after joining the Rachael Academy 6 weeks program that you would need more weeks you can contact us here to discuss your needs.

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The Rachael Academy Mentorship Program cost a ONE OFF FEE of £297 for the 6 weeks. This includes:

6 Main Lessons for the desired Program (Newbie or Business Owner).

20+ Worksheets for each lesson and additional bonus worksheet.

6 Skype and telephone consultation, business coaching and advice. ( 1 per lesson.)

If you want to find out more information about costs contact us here.

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The Rachael Academy community of like minded newbies, business owners and entrepreneurs are on hand to help you on your journey of launching, running and growing your business. You can ask questions in the community forum and get your questions answered by entrepreneurs or business owners. The Rachael Academy Community has members form around the globe who are running amazing businesses. A knowledge base of really people with real businesses. Click to join the Rachael Academy Community today!

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