20 Online Business Ideas That You Can Work From Home! And Love


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Finding just one online business idea that you love and you can do from home isn’t that easy, so imagine my thoughts when I decided to come up with 20 of the most trending online businesses you can do from the comfort of your home or small home office, and you might just be able to turn it into a growing and thriving online business and brand.

Without an idea, there is no chance to start your own online business. With tons of entrepreneurs out there this first step is one of the hardest challenges, where you might find yourself wandering around the web to get your creative juices flowing. Don’t look any further, as we’ve put together a list of 20 online business ideas you can start tomorrow. Obviously, there is a need for tremendous preparation and research, but hopefully, this list can get you started.

1. Start Your Own Listicle Blog

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The recipe is quite simple. Look for emotional, inspirational, interesting stories on Facebook, Reddit or wherever you wish and rewrite the short stories into a detailed article. Set up your own site and publish the articles. There are a bunch of listicle blogs out there by now, however, the fact that Viralnova.com was sold for $100 million might get your motivation high. Even though it seems as a simple business, monetising your site might prove to be a bit of challenge, however, if you know a few things about SEO and AdSense, there is a great chance for success.

With a successful promotion, you will be able to pull in tons of unique visits per month, as it seems like we just cannot get bored of these stories.

2. Get Into the Domain Business

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Even though you might think that the best deals have been made long ago, the domain business is still an ongoing thing. Lots of people buy and sell domain names to earn money as it requires only a small investment. With some thorough research, you can get an idea about what are the most trending domain names currently. This will help you to buy potential domain names which can later on be sold for a profit. Look for domain auction websites on the web, as you can stumble upon expired names, which are back in the pool and available to buy. The chances are high, that you will be the next domain guru, who can make a profit with only a few clicks from home. Check out Sedo’s platform. Sedo allows you to buy and sell domain names.

3. Sell Apps

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In overall, app building is a cost efficient online business, which if done right, can get you great profit. You might need some time before getting things right, however, in the long run, apps can get you the success that you’ve always dreamt about. As well performing apps can make thousands in ad revenue in each month, this might as well be a great choice for you. There are great platforms that allow you to create your own stunning app just the way you want. Check out Appsheet platform they provide the the necessary tools to get started creating an app for free. Once you’re ready to sell it check out this great article on Reavenuecat that shows you he’s journey of creating an app and finding a buyer for it.

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