229 Hot Places To Run Your Classified Ad In 2019

Classified Advertising Is A Proven Method


Okay it’s the first of January and you’re ready to go in moving forwards with your business startup. 2019 is the year for you and you want to make things happen. One thing that is going to aid your success is knowing how to market and advertise your business the right way. There are many places to advertise that will bring you success and a high return on your investment and we have listed 229 of them for you below.


Classified advertising has always been, and will continue to be the favorite method for Mail Order “Pros” to advertise. Almost all Mail Order Pros started with these tiny inexpensive ads since they represent the best cost effective way to reach millions of people.



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Two basic methods are used with classified advertising.  (1)  Place an ad offering FREE literature, and then send your literature to all inquiries. A “free” offer will always out pull an ad that requests money, but your overall profits may be larger since you will generate more inquiries. This method is excellent when you are also collecting “Opportunity Seeker” names that you can rent. You should be able to generate fresh National leads for $.20 to $1 using this method.  (2)  Offer a report for $2 or $3 and then send out other offers with your orders. This eliminates the “Opportunity Seeker” who never buy anything, and your operation is much cleaner and void of “busy” work.



The following is a listing of over 200 magazines that offer classified advertising. The  first group of magazines represent the mail-order “Pros” favorites, and they will always out pull other magazines for opportunity offers. The second group has been selected from thousands of other magazines (1) they offer classified advertising, and (2) they are the least expensive (Word Cost/Circulation ratio). Notice that the last column provides the Word Cost/Circulation ratio. That is, this ratio shows you how much it will cost you for each word for every 1,000 people who get the magazine. The lower this ratio is, the more cost effective it is. For example, if you were to advertise in the National Enquirer, it would cost $8.95 for each word, and it will cost you $.0023 for each 1,000 persons that get the National Enquirer. In this example, if you placed a 10 word ad, it will cost you $89.50, and it will be sent out to 3,500,000 people.




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This may seem like an expensive ad, but the cost to get your 10 word ad to 1,000 people is only ($.0023 x 10) = $.023! That’s right – two cents!! For every 1,000 people! Therefore, learn to evaluate the circulation/cost ratio since this will tell you the relative cost that is important. As a further example, consider advertising in the “Hounds And Hunting” (#238). Here the cost for a word is only $.22. Good Deal?  NO! In this case your Word Cost per 1,000 is $.0227. Therefore, your cost to place a 10 word ad per 1,000 people is ($.0227 x 10) = $.227!  That’s over 10 times more expensive than the National Enquirer!  However, if you were selling something for hunting, it might actually pull better than National Enquirer.



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 Before you place an ad, write to the magazine and ask for their “Rate Card” for both classified ads and space advertising. You will normally receive a large package containing a sample publication, advertising rates, schedules and discounts offered for multiple insertions placed for sequential publication dates.


This Group of Publications Have Always Proven To Produce Excellent Results For Opportunity Offers:

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