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3 Powerful Ways To Make It Rain In Your Startup Business

Okay so you’ve made it this far you’ve managed to raise the capital for your small homebased business and you’re ready to go. You’ve made up your mind that you’re going to put in all the wok and effort that is needed to make your startup a success. The business journey is mindfield with many options and roads to take and many take them only to leave them more confused. But there are only a few options that will bring you maximum results and profits into your startup time and time again only if you know what you are doing.  so here they are.


Step One Building Your Facebook Following.

Facebook is recognised as the most popular social networking site currently in existence. Facebook holds this position for a number of reasons, one of which is because it provides an arena for people who are looking to engage in conversation about any number of topics, and keep up with acquaintances. There are some strategies you can consider, in using Facebook as a tool to get traffic to your WordPress website.

There was a time when Facebook would get overlooked by individuals in the business community, who viewed it as a strictly casual, social arena, with no business value. These businesses considered it a waste of their time, as they perceived Facebook to be a place for teens to gab with their acquaintances about the latest singing sensation or the most recent pet video.


However, this changed, as Facebook emerged as a very powerful tool for businesses who were seeking to promote themselves, and whose users are not primarily adolescents. In fact, the average user tends to be young adults (over 21), who have disposable income available to them, that they can spend with you. They are tech‐savvy, and are well versed in spending money online. It is significant to note that the fastest growing segment of Facebook users are women age 65 and older. Marketing to these individuals will be crucial for any network marketer who is attempting to move forward in their online business presence.


Facebook is now widely recognised as a critical tool for driving traffic to a business website. Facebook users tend to be active; they are on the site daily, seeking new data. That new information may as well be content on your website, and you can use a Facebook page to drive traffic to it. The very nature of Facebook lends itself well to driving traffic – users are constantly sharing info about their likes and dislikes which means that if they like your material, they’ll let additional Facebook users know. This
free traffic is invaluable.


It is of primary importance that you bear in mind, that attempting to use Facebook as a tool to get traffic to your website won’t go well if you aren’t regularly updating both your Facebook page and your website, and continually monitoring them both to make certain that the information you are sharing is up‐to‐date beneficial. If you are generating content that individuals find helpful, Facebook is a great tool to use, to invite viewers to visit your website.


Step Two: Engage Visitors to Your Network Marketing Website

You have a network marketing business, and you have decided to create a WordPress website for your business. You have adopted a few traffic generation strategies, and they have begun to pay off, so you are beginning to get a steady trickle of traffic to your website. Now what—basically, what do you do next? You have put these initial strategies in place, but what should your next steps be? Unfortunately, little to no information exists online, that can offer you any assistance with your network marketing website.


And if you don’t deal with your initial traffic the right way, you might as well kiss it goodbye forever, because they will lose interest and probably never return. Additionally, it will become more difficult for you to get any more traffic in the future.
What must you do, then, in order to keep this traffic interested? It will not convert right away; that is too much to expect. You need to keep gently prodding visitors to your site, in order to bring them to the point of conversion. You can do this by giving them the right kind of information. Give some thought to how they found you and decided to follow you.


What brought these people to your website in the first place? Perhaps they took this route – they thought they wanted a home business, they searched on a general search engine like Google, found your article or blog, read it, got impressed, clicked on the link and reached your website. Or maybe they found an ad of your network marketing opportunity somewhere and visited your site from there.


Whatever route they took, one thing is clear – they were looking for information, and you provided it for them.

Now, you have to keep giving it to them. Use the tools of your Worpress website to communicate to them how they can make money through their network marketing business, what kind of money they can make, what kind of work they will have to put in, what the stakes are, and so on. People who are considering a new kind of venture like to read as much about it as possible. If you are transparent about
it, they will trust in your venture more and you can have a much better chance with them.


So, how do you give them this information, considering that you cannot put everything up on your webpages? Do what you can to provide a lot of information on your website. But give them the best information through newsletters, eBooks and such. This gives you a chance to build your list of warm leads, which should be one of your ultimate goals. You want them to opt‐in to your list. Once you have their emails, you could follow‐up with them through other methods such as informative emails, which
could really boost your chances of having them become a part of your team.


Step Three Improving Your Network Marketing Website Prospects

Now that network marketing companies have both online and offline components, it has become very important to have a website to promote your business opportunity. However, just having a website is not enough. You need to make sure that you are doing something to make your website able to be found, and able to be viewed, so that the people who are looking for these opportunities can access it.


We will discuss a few important strategies that network marketers should seriously consider using, if they are not using them already, in conjunction with their WordPress website.


One strategy is pay per click (PPC) advertising. The concept is a simple one; you pay to create an ad for your network marketing WordPress website, and the ad should post in the paid (non‐organic) section of the search engine results that it shows. If you are familiar with how this appears with Google, you know that you can see these results on the top or on the side of the search engine result page. These are PPC advertising methods because you pay for each click that you get on these links. With popular search engines like Google, Yahoo! and MSN, the number of clicks that you get can be substantial. However, the drawback of this method is that this is a paid method of generating traffic, so you’ll need to make sure that the cost is more than worth the returns. Split testing, in which you test two different versions, is particularly useful for this.


Video marketing is a second strategy you can use for your network marketing website. Videos are better than text because they be customized and made very personal, but also because they have the potential to go viral. When the viewer sees you talking and gesticulating, they feel as if they know you personally, and become more interested in you, and more invested in you. From mere bytes of data, you become a real person for them. The best video marketing site is, naturally, YouTube. Make a video about yourself discussing your network marketing business’ product or service, and make sure to put the link on your website, which WordPress makes very easy for you, with the plugin designed specifically for this purpose.


If this video has what it takes, people will follow through to visit you on your webpage.
Social networking is a third strategy. Network marketers are using these types of sites to a greater and greater extent, now that these sites have clearly demonstrated their potential to increase a marketer’s online presence. These are websites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. where you can find a group of likeminded people, no matter what the point of commonality may be, and promote your business opportunity to them. Since some people on these sites visit them for the express purpose of finding some gainful opportunity, they will take a close look at what you have to tell them.


The secret lies in building the right communities, or becoming part of the right ones.



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