3 Simple Tips To Live A More Abundant Life

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I use to think before entering the personal developing world, now when I say world, I’ve come to realize that it’s as important to invest your time, energy and money into your startup if you want it to be successful. Just as that is important investing into ourselves as entrepreneurs and business owners is crucial to our personal and business growth.


People will think that being able to live an abundant life is something that only the “special” people can have.


However, anyone can live abundantly, just as long as you know what you are doing in life. Though life may not be at an ultimate high, this does not mean that you cannot be happy.


In order to live abundantly, you will need to start focusing more on yourself and enjoying your happiness. While living in the mundane of things there is space and time for us to enjoy life to the fullest.


Here are some few steps that has helped me along my journey of creating more happiness and fulfillment in the little day to day things.


Create Small Goals


When you make small goals in life, you will realize that they will work together to still achieve one big goal. This makes life seem easier and you are able to enjoy each day more.


When setting a goal for finally moving out of my bedroom office, to purchasing my own office and studio to allow me to expand Rachael Academy, I new it was going to need and take planning and setting achievable goals. But I also knew I had to begin small and not to allow the whole process to overwhelm me.


Sometimes a really big goal can seem too overwhelming and so it is a better idea to simply just focus on making small goals on a daily basis.


Have Time For Friends


Sometimes working too hard may not be the answer to living abundantly. You will need to take a break and realize that there are other things in important in life besides work and money.


Something I learnt only a few years ago was too not see money as a big burden or worry. I learnt the technique of tricking my mind to relax like I did not have a care in the world. Like my bank account was fully equipped with all the money I needed to make my life fulfilled, happy and comfortable.

This might be hard to do at the start but if practiced on a regular bases it becomes a habit and a good one at that. I’m not negating that I have responsibilities but now I’m coming at my responsibilities from a place of peace instead of worry.

When you ensure that your relationships with the people you love are perfect, you will be able to focus more on your work.

This is something that a lot of workaholics forget and it leads to more problems in other areas of life.


Relax and Exercise


When you are feeling too stressed, sometimes all you need to do is let it out with some sort of activity.

Whether it is exercise or simply just going to sleep, doing things to help relax yourself will allow you to get back to work.


Living abundantly certainly does not mean that you will need to have all the money in the world but to simply make sure that you are happy, no matter what is going on in your life.


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