46 Ways To Get Money When You Are Broke


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There is no shame in running out of money or finding out that things are going to be a little tight for a while. On my journey of wanting to start Rachael Academy as a business I found myself many a time strap for cash, especially in my early years. I was working full-time as a business studies teacher, being a mum to four young kids under the ages of six and giving 3 hours a day to getting my business off the ground.

Some of us might be feeling a little tightness around our purses or wallets during these difficult times, so I hope my latest post of 46 ways you can get some extra cash has come to you at the right time. Don’t forget to check out all our other making money tips and advice by using the link in our bio to our Making Money Tool Box.


1. One way to get money is to have a garage or car boot sale and sell items that you are getting ready to toss away because you don’t want them any longer. There are many car boot sales that are taking place around the UK and the world. Do check the new policies has these would have changed due to the new government rules due to COVID-19

2. You can always gather shells at the beach and polish and turn into jewellery.

3. Get cash surrender from life insurance policy.

4. Paint faces on rocks and sell as paper weights.

5. Go to a pawn shop and pawn some jewellery.

6. Borrow from a relative.

7. Check with your local council or government body to check out any grants going in your local area for businesses, individuals,  home improvements and more. A great site that helps with this is money saving expert. This site provides you with a wealth of useful money saving information.

8. Visit your neighbours and asked if they would need any help with gardening and weeding out for a small payment.

9. Learn names of wild plants and plant in pots for sale.

10. Roll newspapers up in logs, tie, dye and let dry…then sell (fireplace).

11. Cut up old shirts and dresses and make pot holders out of them and sell.

12. Cut square towels out of old tossed out clothes and sell as wiping rags.

13. Gather driftwood from the beach areas and sell to craft shops.

14. Paint old used wine bottles and sell as hand painted vases.

15. Go house to house and paint house numbers on curbs for a fee.

16. Take the lawn mower house to house and mow lawns for a fee.

17. Offer to dig or spade gardens for local neighbours for money.

18. Offer to sell fishing (earth) worms as bait – dig in garden to get the worms.

19. Paint house exteriors in your spare hours. Charge hourly for your work.

20. Gather pine cones and sell to craft shops.

21. Turn pine cones into useful jewellery, etc. and sell to shops or houses.

22. Spray old building bricks gold, sell as “Fort Knox Rejects”

23. Paint bricks a vibrant enamel and sell as toilet bowl displacements.

24. Fill coffee cans full of plaster, paint all over and sell as door stops.

25. Gather vegetables from your garden and sell at road side stand.

27. Baby sit for profits.

28. House sit for vacationers, get extra by up keeping grounds.

29. Make fudge and sell house to house.

30. Do typing for fellow students or fellow workers for a fee.

31. Type menus for restaurants for a certain amount per menu.

32. Read books and do reports for a fee for students.

33. Research any subject (in library) for £25 a page.

34. Paint scrolls and designs on plates or make birthday plates, charge £19 each.

35. If you are in to fitness you can teach people to do calisthenics, charge £2 an hour and have 10 at a time.

36. Teach dancing and charge $2 an hour, and have 10 at a time.

37. Learn to do juggling and clowning, put on shows for pay for children parties, weddings and special occasions.

38. Rent out an expensive item you own for a week and charge for it, e.g. your home, dress, car etc…

39. Get good at telling jokes and rent out to night clubs.

40. If you love singing and you feel that you can give Beyonce a run for her money, you can sing for money at night clubs.

41. Make crafts and sell them at road side stand or do a popup shop.

42. Teach others to make crafts (£2 each) and have 10 at each class.

43. Love baking? Bake fruit pies and sell house to house (or in stores at holidays).

44. Make Christmas wreaths during holiday season to sell, using discarded boughs from your own and neighbours Christmas trees.

45. Make Christmas candles from paraffin wax and sell at Christmas time.

46. If you’re good with your hands and you love fixing things, become a handyman and go around and look for things around your neighbourhood that needs fixing.

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