5 Ways How To Earn Quick Cash On The Internet


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Hi lovelies welcome to our first episode of 2021 of Launch, Run Grow with Rachael Academy. This episode is from our Money Making Tool Box. Checkout all our other great tips for making money online.

We’re all looking for ways that we can subsidise our income. Nowadays there’s no shame in saying that you have a full-time job while having 1-3 side hustles going at the same time. That’s the only way we’re going to make it through these difficult times. But don’t lose hope. Let me tell you that there are so many opportunities out there to get started with when it it comes to making money online.

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Many newcomers come into the internet marketing world because they want to earn quick cash.

Today we’re going to talk about 5 Ways How To Earn Quick Cash On The Internet

I believe earning money on the internet is becoming easier, now that there are so many resources out there like courses, e-books training platforms, how to videos, guides and more. But there is still a learning curve involved in making money – especially if you plan on being one of the individuals who make money online. In the meantime, here are some legitimate ways to get paid for a wide range of online activities very quickly:

1: Write articles and/or blog posts:

More and more sites will pay for your articles or blog posts like Medium, Steem, Growth Hackers and SlideShare. You don’t actually get paid on SlideShare for posting on its platform, but there are many ways to monetise your content.

Articles on specific topics on some platforms can even earn direct payments up to about 2 hundred pounds. Many companies are also looking for part-time bloggers and content writers for their blog, website or online magazine.

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2: Make Money Helping People

Sites like: Taskrabbit, Zarrly, Crowdflower and Easyshift give you the chance to make money helping others. Whether you’re unemployed or just need a bit of extra cash, finding odd jobs online is a great place to start. So if you happen to know someone who’s looking for a job, you too can start your own recruiting business without investing a dime.

Be warned: they might require you to be a bit open-minded and creative and to have a good sense of humour. But many of the tasks listed on these sites don’t require you to have a special skillset. So it’s really all about what you’re willing to do to make a few extra cash.

3: Act As A Broker – Connect Suppliers With Buyers:

Earn referral fees from Sites like: topcashback, swagbucks, vital, giving assistance and more. Vendors or business owners establish the referral fees they’re willing to pay and when the transaction is complete, you earn quick cash.

4: Microstock Photography

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be a professional photographer to make money from your photos. There is always a need for stock photography for websites, presentations, brochures and so on. Many companies, entrepreneurs, business owners and individuals are very eager to pay for the right image. You need to make sure that you don’t include images of trademarked brands, copyrighted art or well-known people but those are really about the only rules you need to follow.

It would probably surprise you to learn what people need pictures of. If it is a decent quality photo, upload it. Some sites to get you started include ShutterStock, Fotolia, Dreamstime and iStockphoto.

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5: Set Up Your Own Blog

Most people who are just starting out online are intimidated by this but you really shouldn’t be. Nowadays it is so easy to setup your own blog and make it as a blogger.

At Blogger – for example, you can set up a blog for free in just a few minutes even if you’ve never blogged before. And you can make money this way because Blogger even automates setting up Google AdSense ads on your blog – when people click on these ads, you get paid.

You can also advertise your own affiliate products and make commissions off of the sales you get from your affiliate link.

Here’s how to start making money from your blog.

  1. Just pick a subject that you like.
  2. write some articles about it.
  3. Find an affiliate product that matches your content.
  4. Drive traffic to your blog.

These are just a few ways you can earn quick cash online even if you don’t have sales or marketing skills, even if you have no money to invest and even if you don’t have your own product.

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