A Manifesto Of Writing By zari alexxanderr-caine

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The poetic prose of zari alexxanderr-caine is a signature of his craftsmanship as a wordsmith. He is enthralled by the mechanics of words that engender the power of painting pictures with them. He is a poet first and foremost with a twist in his ability to wrap difficult issues with a simple ribbon of silk. He has been writing for about 30 years in the secret places of his journals whilst he has lent his gifting to spoken word compilations, shared his poetic take on various subjects before a packed audience, he has facilitated umpteenth events and he is on a journey of self discovery. He is passionate about others getting to the place called ‘there’. His main personal thrust is that ‘in Him he lives, he moves and has his being’. Zari is the kind of person you meet and think he must be kidding about the life he leads; one of total dependence on his Maker.

He desires that many will grasp this lifestyle with gusto because this life is ebbing away like clouds melting in the fast flowing skies above. He is an up and coming face of substance in the annals of the written and spoken word.

He is married to Sharon who completes him with the beauty of spun gold and their nest is populated with three daughters. They live in Essex.


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