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What is design? What is design useful for? And how can we add more design into our business? All these questions and more is going to be answered in our upcoming The Secret Diary of an Entrepreneur show. We’re so excited to be having as guest to the show Jenny Ambrose. Jenny Ambrose, an award winning artist, designer, and polymath dedicated to being solution-oriented, relentlessly joyful, curious, and enthusiastic about leaving things better than she found them.

With a background in anthropology as well as graphic design, Jenny founded Purée Fantastico in 2008 with the vision that design can not only be beautiful- it can be useful.

She understands design as an empathetic practice and utilizes it as a language, establishing her clients as the authorities they are. This connects them deeply with their audiences, clients, customers, and students, yielding the highest results for whatever they’re working to achieve.

Coupled with emotional intelligence and critical thinking, design and visual messaging makes a huge difference in how we experience, express, and ultimately understand the world we live in.  We can’t wait to have her as a guest on the show.


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Written by Rachael Phillips

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Add A Little Pureefantastico In To Your Life With Jenny Ambrose