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AFFILIATES! Earn 25% Recurring Commission With Every Sign-Up You Refer!


Want to earn a generous payout each and every time you refer someone to our site? Want to pay off a bill, help pay the rent or even earn a little income on the side for rainy days?

With our affiliate program you will be able to promote The Rachael Academy Business In A Box Program and get paid 25% recurring commission for every single sale that you refer! How much you earn is entirely up to you and with our generous payout, you’ll be making more money than us!

What’s Recurring Commission?

Normally when you promote a single product as an affiliate and make a sale, you get paid ONCE for the sale. You sell once, you get paid once. If you stop promoting the product, you stop making sales.

Now, when you promote a membership product as an affiliate and make a sale, you get paid REPEATEDLY for as long as the membership lasts. You sell once, you get paid again and again. Even if you stop promoting the product, you still get commission every month as long as your referrals remain a member!

Promoting MEMBERSHIP products is the smart way to earn money online and has a compounding effect on your earnings! Make the move today and start earning REAL money online that only a small percentage of marketers know about!

What Do I Need To Qualify?

Below you will find all tools you’ll need to get started. As a minimum requirement we recommend that you learn how to set up a basic blog with WordPress and know a little about HTML to integrate the banners and graphics into your site. Free internet marketing training videos are available in our Rachael Academy Tool Boxes here.

You have full permission to use all the resources below and modify them as long as they are used to promote this site. With that said, happy promoting!

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