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So, you wrote an e-book! Great, now what do you do with it? As an author who focuses on the web, instead of print, you have many options. Two popular e-book selling options include converting an e-book into a digital text Amazon Kindle Book to sell on and selling your e-book on So, which approach should you take? Both.

You are encouraged to list your self-publish book for sale on and the Amazon Kindle Store. The more places you sell your e-book, the better. You reach a larger market and increase your earnings. But, which should you do first? Which website should you market the most? Which marketplace gives you the biggest profits? Continue reading on to find out.

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In terms of ease, it is easy to list an e-book for sale on both websites. For, you create a free account and login. Then, start a new publishing project. Choose the project type, which would be an e-book in digital media format. Describe the e-book. Provide a summary. This is what buyers see so make sure it is informative and captivating. Next, upload the e-book and cover. Finally, set your selling price and review the listing.

As for selling an e-book on the Amazon Kindle Store, visit Create a free account. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the link titled “Self-Publish with Us.” On the next page, choose Amazon Kindle. You will be brought to the digital text platform. For e-books to be readable on the portable Amazon Kindle, they must be in digital text format. When you upload the document, it will automatically convert. To get started, enter your description, upload and preview your e-book, and set the selling price.

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Since it is easy to list an e-book for sale on both websites, you can choose either option first. It does not matter. The entire process should take you less than one hour for each site. In fact, spend a day and do one right after the other. This way you have your e-book listed for sale right away on two different websites.

In terms of marketing, it isn’t required. Both and are popular and well-marketed websites. Even still, you should market your for sale e-books. You can do so with a catchy sales page, links to your for sale pages, message boards and more. Market both websites, but spend the most time doing so with On this website, you retain more of your profits, meaning you have the potential to make more money.

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The Amazon Kindle, as previously stated, is a popular portable e-book reader. It is a hit, but not everyone owns one. For that reason, you only have a small buying market. Don’t forget to market your Amazon Kindle Book, but don’t leave your PDF e-book on sit without any sales. Since buyers can purchase e-books on this website without a special device, all they need is a computer, your chances of making money are better.

In short, if you want to sell an e-book, maximize your profits by using different selling methods. These include and the Amazon Kindle Store. Don’t discount other avenues of selling, including from your own sales page or blog, but these two self-publishing programs come highly rated and recommended.

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