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Behind The Scenes With Lorane Rogers-Martin

I’m So excited to Introduce our New Monthly Series where we aim to showcase amazing Men and Women in business. So let us introduce to our first guest on my first episode Lauren Rogers Martin founder of Lola Darcy.


Meet  Lauren Rogers – Martin. The creator of Lola Darcy is a romantic, elegant, graceful, creative and most importantly passionate woman.

Lauren Rogers-Martin is already a successful Interior Designer, Property Consultant and Fine Artist. Lauren created Lola Darcy – A British Luxury Company using inspiration from romantic films, novels, poems and her own life.

All products are sourced and made in England.


As the majestic love story of Lola and Darcy unravels, so too does the charm of each of our bespoke scents. With London being the home of the Lola Darcy creation, enwrapped at the heart of each gift is a beautiful symphony of an alluring romance ribboned in luxury ready to entice your senses and warm your heart.

The classic London style discreetly speaks through each detail of our gift service brand as we capture uniquely sourced scents transforming them into soy candles, diffusers and room sprays.  We have a palette of of notes ready to awaken the senses as we personify the Lola Darcy love story into a magic tangible to the senses. 

Merging the sophistication of Lola who holds a love for effortless flair and luxury with Darcy’s naturally classic English gentleman style a new product is born with each chapter of their love story. Our team meticulously sources the inspirations so that they can be captured in a beautiful gift for you and your loved ones. 

With chic and handsome at the helm we thrive on perpetuating scents fragranced with a beguiling love to enrich your story. 

Brand values

The Soy wax we use is 100% GM free and contains no pesticides or herbicides. Not only is Soy eco-friendly, it also has excellent fragrance holding qualities. Soy wax provides a longer lasting and cleaner burn than Paraffin wax candles, meaning you will get a long lasting and even scent. The only thing we add to our candles is high quality fragrance oils, giving you a rich luxurious scent, which will fill the room.  

Our products are handmade in London, with only the highest quality ingredients, finished with a sprinkle of love and wrapped in a black bow for your pleasure. 

Please visit her Shop for a list of our fragrances, packaging and product options and to find out more.


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Written by Rachael Phillips

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