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Black Wives Matter With Omar Zac Phillips


Welcome to another episode of The Secret Diaries of an Entrepreneur, I hope our latest podcast episode finds you all well. We all can not deny the huge amount of world news that has been unfolding around us and that is causing a lot of us to rethink the status-quo.

As a black women growing up in the UK I can truly say that I have been the lucky one that I have not openly experienced racial comments being thrown at me. I was lucky to grow up around parts of the UK where the demographic where people who looked like me. Then at the age of 12 my mother decided to move us across London to a upper middle class area, where I found myself surround with less people who looked like me.

But even still I did not experience racism as I’ve seen and heard in the past 3 months of my life. And on top of that I myself have created a family of mixed cultures and skin tones and our extended family are quite diverse.

We’re all as a society feeling all sorts of emotions and sometimes it can be so overwhelming.

In our latest episode of The Secret Diaries of An Entrepreneur podcast founder of The Idea of a Man, Author, Writer and Training Psychologist Omar Zac Phillips discusses key concepts regarding the lived experience of the black woman and black man in to days society.

You can find out more about Omar’s work with men on the IAM Project here


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Written by Rachael Phillips

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