POST VIEWS: Inexorable statistics show that most people don’t like their jobs: 87% of men and women when asked don’t like their job. What should we do about it? To call your work and pretend you are ill is not... Read More
POST VIEWS: CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve landed an interview for that dream job you’ve been waiting – now there’s only one thing now that’s standing in your way. THE INTERVIEW. You’re not feeling all that confident that you’re going to pass with... Read More
POST VIEWS:   People write for a variety of reasons. Some because it’s a deep, heartfelt passion and others because they enjoy the challenge. Still others write because they want to make a name for themselves. And then, there are... Read More
POST VIEWS: Searching for employment opportunities can sometimes be a very frustrating and hard venture, if the exact sources of searching are not known to the individuals. Such people are advised to use the method of online searching for the... Read More
Nobody ever thought you could derive happiness from work but you can do that. Studies have found that people who are happier at work have an overall better quality of life than people who are always frustrated because of their... Read More
The internet revolution has transformed freelancing into a prospering industry. With hundreds of avenues for freelancers to explore, “Freelance writing” is the most promising one. The following case study highlights the success story of a freelance writer: Case Study Dr.... Read More
If someone asks you to describe world renowned inventors in one word, that word would be of course „Curious‟, a fundamental trait that distinguishes an inventor from the rest of the world. As cited by Albert Einstein, a famous scientist... Read More
One of the best features of having a career in professional speaking is that you can benefit from multiple streams of income. You don’t only have to rely on your paid public speaking career to bring in the cash. You... Read More
Today, online education is growing in popularity, chosen mostly by people who want to get additional education (finishing college or getting another degree). The topmost reason is its flexibility. Free of real-time constraints like attending on-campus classrooms, online education is... Read More
We see them everywhere, in Magazines, on the Run Way, in advertisements on TV. They are the slender women strutting their stuff or extra ordinary Beauties with their sultry looks flashing their pearly whites while wearing the newest Styles from... Read More
Are you a career-oriented woman who also happens to be a parent? If you are, you may be dealing with a number of different issues. Many women, just like yourself, find it somewhat difficult to balance having a career and... Read More
If you are looking to get into the freelance world there is no better time to start than now. Freelancing has seen an increase in the last 5 years alone and dater show it’s not going to slow anytime soon.... Read More
Have you always wanted to fly a Plane? When you were a little boy or girl the thought of you holding that steering wheel and looking out across the blue clouds left you some what dizzy with excitement? Then you... Read More
As lifestyle needs and services evolve through time, more job positions are created. In fact, if you would be browsing the Classified Ads nowadays, you can encounter certain terms that seem to not exist decades ago. Terms like white collar... Read More
Thinking of being a estate agent, but do not know where to start? First, you would have to determine if this kind of career is the right one for you. Most people usually think that to be a successful estate... Read More
POST VIEWS: There are two schools of thought when it comes to how to write a resume statement. One is that you should never include a statement on your resume. The other is that you always should so that potential... Read More
If you are just out of school or want to switch to a different job, but never have had to have a resume, you might be wondering just how to make a resume that will help you stand out and... Read More
Believe it or not, there are many people who are asking the question “what does a resume look  like?” While it might seem like a silly question to some people, there really are some people out there who haven’t seen... Read More
When you are looking for a teaching job, the market, depending on where you live, can be extremely competitive, so you will want to try and find a sample teacher resume to refer to before putting together your own teacher... Read More
Criminology may sound, initially, like a very concentrated field; however, the truth is that there are a number of different elements that play into the genre of criminology. As a result, there are a number of different careers that an... Read More
Do you have a love for fashion? Whether you make your own clothes or fashion accessories or if you regularly find yourself giving fashion advice to those that you know, have you ever thought about a career in fashion? If... Read More
Hospitality Career does not only pertain to a single job. It is mainly a field in which you can choose from a vast variety of specialities. It is a fact that learning about these different fields could be fun. However,... Read More
Attending an interview can be a nerve-racking for even the experience professional.  However, there are a few points to remember that can ensure your interview gets off to a great start and to give you the knowledge and comfort you... Read More

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