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  • How To Start Making Your Online Products Actually Sell With Zero Input In Today’s Difficult Market

    News flash! You’re not the only business offering your products or services in your niche right now. That might not come as a huge shock to you or it might! But trying to sell our product or service online has proven to be so much more difficult due to the huge flocks of new businesses […] More

  • How To Overcome Loneliness And Working Online As A Entrepreneur

    Being a successful blogger, digital marketer, a home based business owner or other form of internet entrepreneur is an amazing achievement and in many ways it can improve your life to a huge extent. Not only does becoming a successful marketer – blogger grant you financial independence and the ability to set your own wage, […] More

  • The Introduction To The Idea Of A Man

      Introducing The Idea of a Man, writer Omar Zac Phillips explains the simple yet profound concept behind the project; “‘in a world where everyone has their idea of what a man should be, how much as a unique individual responsible for your own life and your own life choices are you able to go […] More

  • From Where Have you Come? What are you Doing Here? And Where on Earth are you Going?

    It’s been said; ‘it’s not about where you’re from but it’s about where you’re going’. In interpersonal interactions in our ‘modern’ society we’ve grown accustomed to asking after an individual’s origins, town city, and schooling etcetera in order to deduce an understanding of a person. And while a certain amount of value can be placed […] More

  • Why You Should Employ Yourself Whilst Working a 9 to 5

    I sat in the cramped room staring at the old fashioned wood panelled walls waiting for the judgement to be passed, the truth be told it was my own fault, I’d done it to myself; again. I’d been sucked in by the attractive promise of a half decent wage. Of course – I know my […] More

  • Benefits of LinkedIn For Your Business Free Report

    Welcome to Rachel Academy, I love helping businesses to grow and expand that is what I do. But in my line of work sometimes it takes convincing some clients why what I suggest will greatly improve their bottom line. And one of those suggestions that need a little more convincing is using Social media within […] More

  • 3 Tips For Staying Motivated At Work

    There are days that work at the office can be such a drag that by the moment you go out the office door you’d feel like you’ve already spent every ounce of your energy. This normally happens to anyone especially when there’s a lot of deadlines to beat, your boss breathing down your neck, and […] More

  • How To Choose A Great Christmas Gifts For Her

    Most men do not enjoy Christmas shopping or any kind of shopping at all. While they may generally dislike Christmas shopping, they especially do not like Christmas shopping for their wives. These men may love their wives dearly but the thought of purchasing Christmas gifts for their wives seems like a daunting task. Their wives […] More

  • How To Achieve Excellence In Sales As A Business Owner

    Most people are always striving to better themselves. It’s the “Human Way“. For proof, check the sales figures on the number of self-improvement books sold each year. This is not a pitch for you to jump in and start selling these kinds of books, but it is a indication of people’s awareness that in order […] More

  • 3 Simple Tips for Sticking to Your Goals This Year

    POST VIEWS: [views]   We all strive to become better people every day, but more often than not we find ourselves in the same spot. We do not achieve our goals as we expected, and we keep wondering why and where we went wrong. Well, change is hard and for us to realize our goals, […] More

  • The Success Mindset – 5 Success Traits You Should Have

    POST VIEWS : [views ] In order to succeed in life, whether it be in business, relationships or sports, you will need to have the right mindset. Most people simply do not know how powerful their minds are and how it can be the determining factor behind their success. A lot of people have failed […] More

  • 7 Best Tips To Get More Done

    If you are like me you’e bound to have five or more things going t once and sometimes that can leave you getting less done than more. After being business for a little longer I’ve found these 7 steps has helped me to get more out of my day.   Try them out for yourself […] More

  • A Simple Guide To Being Happy At Work

    Nobody ever thought you could derive happiness from work but you can do that. Studies have found that people who are happier at work have an overall better quality of life than people who are always frustrated because of their work. So how do you be happy at work?     Most importantly, you need […] More

  • The Power of Your Thoughts

    The preceding post highlighted the importance of cultivating correct attitude and developing faith in what you seek to achieve in life.   Nothing in life is impossible, unless you think it so. Thoughts are remarkable ‘packets’ of energy and if you tenaciously cling to a certain thought with the dynamic willpower, there is no reason […] More

  • Natural Testosterone Boosting Supplements

    Testosterone Support Supplements (or Testosterone Aids) are meant to enhance your performance, increase muscle gains and make you bigger. Testosterone is the master male hormone. Testosterone supplementation can increase male sex drive, strengthen bones, muscles, decrease body fat, improve thinking ability, boost energy levels and guard against the onset of depression and heart disease.   […] More

  • Top Traits of Visionary Entrepreneurs

    What does it take to be an entrepreneur? Moreover, what does it take to be the truly visionary kind of entrepreneur who has an idea that really shifts paradigms and changes the world for the better? The answer will depend on who you ask. But here are a few things that most people will agree […] More

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    Lessons You Can Learn from the Rock and Arnold Schwarzenegger

    There are many people who might come to mind when you think of someone who is ‘successful’. Maybe you think of Elon Musk. Maybe your mind turns to president Obama. Maybe you think of David Beckham. For me, two of the most impressive people in the world are Arnold Schwarzenegger and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. […] More

  • How to Train Your Body and Mind to Focus on What Matters

    If you’re going to achieve everything you can, then you need to learn to focus and to stay motivated. It is too easy for us to think of far-reaching goals and to work toward them, only to be distracted by cat videos on YouTube or by cake in the cupboard. The problem is that the […] More

  • How to Get the Hollywood Physique

    POST VIEWS: [views] When you think of someone successful you tend to think of someone who is doing well in their career and their relationship and probably someone who is financially very stable. But as well as thinking of their success in those terms, you probably also have a picture of what this person looks […] More

  • How to Become a Alpha and Authoritive

    There are many examples of successful people that we want to emulate and many ways in which a person can make themselves appear more successful and up-together. For guys though, one of the best things you can become is an ‘alpha male’. The alpha male is someone who is confident, who is powerful and who […] More

  • Can No Fap Really Make You More Successful?

    If you’re really keen to unlock your full potential and to become the best version of yourself, then you need to consider every option. It is certainly not enough that you only consider the appealing ones or the fun ones! And with that in mind, you likely can’t have missed the whole ‘no fap’ movement. […] More

  • The 5-Minute Guide to Running a Successful Webinar

    Running a successful webinar can mean big things for your business. A webinar audience is a captive audience that actually wants to hear what you have to say, and that means that they will be paying attention and asking questions, and will be much more willing to spend money or get involved in the opportunity […] More

  • How To Write The Best Listicle Content For Your Blog

    POST VIEWS: [views] Everybody likes to read a list. They’re easy to read, straight to the point, and actionable. These are just some of the reasons why you should write listicles on your blog to increase your blog traffic. If you’re planning on writing one for your blog, then take some of the tips mentioned […] More

  • In Closing: Is Freelancing Really The Way To Go?

    If you are planning to quit your current job and enter the world of the freelancer, then you had better be pretty darn well sure that this is something you want to do. Even if you are totally sure that you want to become a freelancer in your chosen field, is it something that is […] More

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