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    Time To Organise Your Time For Maximum Results With The Time Management Coach Becca Rich

     Hello Lovelies welcome to our first of 2021 Secret Diary of an Entrepreneur podcast. I hope our latest podcast finds you well. One of the most effective skills you can have in life is powerful and effective time management. If there’s one thing I have learned over the years, it’s the importance of paying […] More

  • Why Women In Small Business Must Have A Web Site

     Hi lovelies welcome to the first episode of she means business from me in 2021 and also the first of from Rachael Academy podcast. Talk about what is going on. In recent years we’ve seen a HUGE increase in the number of small businesses owned by women. This growth has been so dramatic that […] More

  • What The Heck Does My Woman Want?

     This Weeks Podcast is from our He Means Business Categories Hello Lovelies welcome to another episode of Rachael Academy Podcast. Hope my latest post finds you well. How are you all doing? Are you looking forwards to the Christmas festivities. You can listen to more great episodes by visiting This week on Rachael […] More

  • What is Marriage Material? Uncovering The Characteristics Of An Ideal Partner

     Some people find themselves at a point in their lives where they have no desire for a serious, fully committed relationship and only looking for casual relationships. They don’t want all of the responsibility and extra things that comes with a serious relationship. They are happy to just casually date and spend time with […] More

  • How To Organise Your Life Better As An Entrepreneur For Maximum Results

     Hello Lovelies this latest podcast is from my Live Episodes on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn and I decided to turn them into audios so you can benefit from the content also shared in our community. Life can be so hectic these days, so hectic that everything feels messy and it’s like everything’s happening all […] More

  • How Dealing With Negativity And Crisis In Your Life Make You A Better Entrepreneur

     Turn on the news and there is no shortage of negativity out there right now. Whether it’s at work, in your community, in your personal relationships, or between your own two ears, negativity is something that can be unavoidable. If left unchecked, it can bring down even the best of us. In our latest […] More

  • The Fundamentals Of Mental Health That Most People Forget

     Mental health is a real issue that effects the UK population and am sure effects the world population on a larger scale. Especially during these difficult times we have all been facing worldwide during lockdown. When we approach the subject of mental health, there are so many of us that feel uncomfortable with the […] More

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    How To Silence The Monster Of Self Doubt And Go For Your Dreams With Nir Bashan

     Welcome to another episode of The Secret Diaries Of An Entrepreneur. Thank you so much for taking our the time to join us another episode. This week we wanted to explore the topic of self doubt and as we as entrepreneurs cope with it with our lives and business. Nir Bashan is a world-renowned […] More

  • How To Arouse And Inspire Your Audience Through The Art of Speech With Brenden Kumarasamy

     Welcome lovelies to another episode of The Secret Diaries of an Entrepreneur. We’re so looking forwards to introducing you yo our upcoming guest. Those who know me and follow me online, know I go on about ‘Showcasing’ Yep that word again, but seriously guys – it’s so important we do so, especially when it […] More

  • Black Wives Matter With Omar Zac Phillips

     Welcome to another episode of The Secret Diaries of an Entrepreneur, I hope our latest podcast episode finds you all well. We all can not deny the huge amount of world news that has been unfolding around us and that is causing a lot of us to rethink the status-quo. As a black women […] More

  • How To Become A Passionate Creative And Make Money Out Of Your Creative Work With Russell Nohelty.

     Are you a brand new creative newbie who has a bucket full of project ideas but not sure how to showcase your works? Or a seasoned creative who is passionate about bringing a spotlight on your work within the crowded marketplace full of other great talent just like you? One of the myths out […] More

  • 5 Ways To Market Your Business For Free Or Nearly Free

     Hello lovelies welcome to another episode of Rachael Academy, Thank you so much for all your support thus far with our Podcast. And for all new listeners and followers, we really do appreciate you all. Do take out the time to DM us and let us know of any topics you would like us […] More

  • The Thirty Minute Mentors That Could Change Your Life With Adam Mendler

     Welcome to another episode of Rachael Academy The Secret Diaries Of An Entrepreneur podcast series hope our latest episode finds you well. Many thanks for taking out the time to stop by and listen in on our latest show. As you know here at Rachael Academy we’ve had the privilege of interviewing some amazing […] More

  • Why Network Marketing Is The New Kid On The Block And How To Become Successful Network Marketer With Scott Aaron

     Welcome to another episode of The Secret Diary of an Entrepreneur, I hope my latest episode finds you well. I try my best here at Rachael Academy to offer you the honest truth of what is working for me within my business and life and pass it on to you lovelies as simple and […] More

  • Wealth Mastery 101 How To Build Wealth During Lockdown No Matter Your Background

     There are many ways to building wealth,  but there are only two fundamentals understanding that anyone wanting to build wealth should know, and they are:- Make more than you spend and invest the difference wisely. Develop simple daily habits that result in wealth accumulation. BONUS Find or create a system that will help you […] More

  • How To Become An Effective Leader of Change For Today’s Generation with Omar Zac Phillips

     What is leadership, anyway? Such a simple question, and yet so many people, experts and organisations have written about the subject. Let’s start with what leadership is not… Leadership has nothing to do with seniority or one’s position in the hierarchy of a company. Too many talk about a company’s leadership referring to the senior most […] More

  • How To Penetrate An Already Saturated Market

     The online market has been highly competitive and overcrowded for some time now. What’s more, the number of new businesses that emerge every day is increasing. However, just because there’s competition, doesn’t mean you need to give up on your business idea or find a less saturated market. As a matter of fact, even […] More

  • How To Employ Yourself While Being Employed

     In this podcast I introduce myself and He Means Business, and lay a foundation with the powerful concept of ‘employing yourself’. Employing yourself as opposed to necessarily being self-employed, is about a mind-set we can adopt whether we are employed by someone else or fortunate enough to work for ourselves. In fact, this empowering […] More

  • 10 Tips For Being Productive While Travelling

     Welcome to She Mean Business episode on Rachael Academy podcast. Let’s be honest. Staying productive while travelling is not easy. In fact it’s pretty much the biggest challenge you’ll face if you want to live the entrepreneurial lifestyle while trying to have a somewhat normal life 🙂 This past couple of weeks have been […] More

  •  Hello my lovelies welcome to our first episode of 2020. We hope you had an awesome 2019 and you’re looking forwards to 2020? Omar keeps calling it the year of clear vision, as he loves the play on words “2020 VISION”. What are your goals for 2020? I’m sure like us here at Rachael […] More

  • 100 Explosive Money Making Revenue Ideas To Skyrocket Your Business The Wealthy Use: PART TWO

    Introduction to Episode Two:   Welcome to Part Two of 100 Explosive Money Making Revenue Ideas. I hoped you enjoyed part one? If you like to listen in the full episode podcast, Click and login below as a VIP Member and get Instant Access to listen in to the full episode. Earning significant income using […] More

  • 12-Point Checklist For Building An Online Business

     Building an online business is never an easy task. Even if you are a business veteran or a beginner pursuing a dream, there are numerous challenges to overcome, trends to keep an eye on and a need for tremendous preparation. To make it at least a tiny bit easier, I’ve decided to put together […] More

  • The 30 Day Challenge-Day 2/ What Do You Want?

     Welcome to day two of the 30 day challenge to happiness, success and a better version of you. If you haven’t as yet listened in to day one you can follow the link here to start listening. So day two and we’re going to touch on “Knowing What You Want” I know that this […] More

  • How To Design An Ultra, Happy & Exciting Life Using Desire

     Hello there my lovelies it has been a while. Hope you all are enjoying the hot summer weather? I know I am. The last three months for me has been a roller-coaster. I’ve had to slow down a little to focus on family issues, all good no need to worry. But since my mind […] More

  • VIP-How To Start Your Own Radio Show And Start Making Money Online

     Here at Rachael Academy we share with our avid readers and community members some great ways to get started in business. It could be a part-time thing, a side hustle or even a full pledge business startup. Whatever the reason or business you start there are great opportunities to be successful in it if […] More

  • VIP-How To Start Your Own Radio Show And Start Making Money Online

     FILE: AUDIO | DURATION: 41:01 Here at Rachael Academy we share with our avid readers and community members some great ways to get started in business. It could be a part-time thing, a side hustle or even a full pledge business startup. Whatever the reason or business you start there are great opportunities to be […] More

  • 100 Explosive Money Making Revenue Ideas To Skyrocket Your Business The Wealthy Use: PART ONE

     Introduction to Episode One: In this episode of The Money Blueprint Podcast you get access to 49 Explosive Money Making Revenue Ideas the wealthy use to skyrocket their businesses online. Earning significant income using the Internet doesn’t require any specific skill or a long history of becoming familiar with computers or the Internet itself. […] More

  • How To Deal With Our Dramas At Home As Womanpreneurs

     Raising children, looking after a family and running a business is what most womanenpreneurs or career women face every single day. I find myself sometimes battling with the thought, “Have I spent enough time with the children this month?” Have I given enough spare time to doing the house hold cleaning and tiding up. […] More

  • The Becoming Of A Man Entrepreneur For Newbies

     If you want to start a business but don’t know where to start, don’t worry–you are not alone. In fact, given the new economic reality of our time, more people than ever before have found the “job” they thought was waiting for them doesn’t exist. Others have come to the conclusion that they would […] More

  • How To Chase Your Dream As A Teenager

     Making the decision to chase your dreams can be a frightening one let alone as a teenager. I’ve found that I have been lucky to have had parents who have believed in me and believed in my dream for a very young age. Making large changes to your life and how you live it […] More

  • How To Deal With Your Drama At Home As An Entrepreneur

     Hello my lovelies welcome to another episode of Rachael Academy podcast, hope your week has kicked off well. For those of you who have been following me for a while will know that I was running Rachael Academy from my home office. It was only two years ago I decided to lease out an […] More

  • The Teenpreneur With Nathaniel Phillips

     Welcome to the Teenpreneur Show with Nathaniel Phillips on Rachael Academy Podcast. Today is our first ever it’s a double! We’re recording and filming our podcast for the first time and what a journey it has been. Listen in and found out how we got on. You can also watch our podcast show over […] More

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