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  • 10 Tips For Being Productive While Travelling

     Welcome to She Mean Business episode on Rachael Academy podcast. Let’s be honest. Staying productive while travelling is not easy. In fact it’s pretty much the biggest challenge you’ll face if you want to live the entrepreneurial lifestyle while trying to have a somewhat normal life 🙂 This past couple of weeks have been […] More

  • Mentorship On A Budget: How To Find A Mentor And Do I Need One To Be Successful

     Podcast Host: Rachael Aprill Phillips Podcast Co-Host: Omar Zac Phillips If I have seen further than others, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” Isaac Newton In the words of Sir Isaac Newton, mentors extend vision, enable proteges to attain greater heights. In short, mentors provide undeniable counsel and resources that are […] More

  • How To Start A Fashion Business

     Hi there lovelies we thought we would add to our many growing podcasts this one that was recorded two years ago before rebranding to Rachael Academy. Never the less we felt the content was still relevant for you all. NOTE: Do not follow any links mentioned here as all links are now out of […] More

  • Welcome To She Means Business

     Welcome to my new podcast She Means Business for women in business. Helping you become Dynamic women who is capable to own the key to her own destiny and wealth. I actually created this podcast if I may be honest with you, because I was feeling a little lonely about a year ago. Have […] More