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  • 50 Fantastic! Ways I Drive Traffic To My Website And You Can Too

    Hello again my lovely, this latest post “Behind The Scenes” Is off the Press. How has your Monday gone? Yes it’s Monday 9th December 2019. Where did the weekend go? And on top of that, the countdown has begun to the Big Day, let’s say it together ‘Christmas‘. If you are anything like me you’ve […] More

  • Techniques To Keep Value High For Better Pricing

    In order to get the correct price for your products you have to have the correct value. Here are the techniques to make your product more valuable to your buyers. A great place to start here is cut off dates and limited numbers for your sales letters. Likely the most used and widely known aside […] More

  • Understanding Rules And Choices Of Sales

    Too many individuals are afraid to take the leap and cost their products as they believe they’re worth. Too many individuals view rivalry and think they have to cost less otherwise no one is going to purchase their stuff, or they’ll make less cash out of it. This is merely not true. Don’t devaluate yourself […] More

  • How To Add Value To Your Business

    Are you Forever increase value? Remember when coming up with a cost for your product; don’t let it be the only product. Strange sentence indeed, but consider it this way, what sort of things are going to allow you to step-up your price and actually persuade individuals to purchase your stuff at the same time? […] More

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    Behind The Scenes With Lorane Rogers-Martin

    I’m So excited to Introduce our New Monthly Series where we aim to showcase amazing Men and Women in business. So let us introduce to our first guest on my first episode Lauren Rogers Martin founder of Lola Darcy. About Meet  Lauren Rogers – Martin. The creator of Lola Darcy is a romantic, elegant, graceful, creative and […] More

  • The Ebay Profits

    Did you know that my first business was selling on eBay? Yes it was my first ever attempt on starting and running a home-based business. I actually did pretty well and did it successfully for 3 years. There are many ways you’ll read online teaching you how to make money from home or from the […] More

  • Why I’m Using Viral Marketing At Rachael Academy

    Growing your business and continually finding ways to stand out from the competition is not easy and that’s where Viral Marketing comes in for me Viral marketing is a cool term for word of mouth on the Internet.  It is where people hear about your website service or products through other people.  Sending an email […] More

  • Why Have We As Business Owners Forgotten About Customer Service? When Did Customer Service Breakdown?

    We’ve all had friends in our circle who were known as “Mary & John”, and when “John” split “Mary” was alone. Mary was the “odd” number at the dinner party and we were all concerned about her.  Well, today it seems that the union of Customer & Service have had a breakup.  Service has split […] More

  • Practical Wisdom Of The Ages For Managers

    How are your managerial skills?  Does there seem to be a gap like the Grand Canyon between you and your employees? Let’s see how we can change that. When starting Rachael Academy I never knew that I was going to need a huge bucket load of managerial skills, I mean most of the time I […] More

  • Top 10 Mistakes I’ve Learnt To Avoid With My Internet Marketing Strategies

    POST VIEWS: [views] Unrealistic Expectations   Internet Marketing (IM) won’t cure AIDs or make you an instant millionaire. Many people get into Internet marketing with unrealistic expectations that they’d never consider entertaining if it were in some other field. Just because you don’t need to go to school for years to get a degree in […] More

  • Sinni Has Found Her Wings!

    POST VIEWS: [views] I’m so happy today as I got some lovely news from a client of mine today!. I hope she doesn’t mind me sharing.   Sinni is the Founder of Bride Icon a blog she started just before her farther passed away a couple of years ago. She had put a hold of […] More

  • A Day In The Life Of A Freelance Content Manager & Creative Director

    The best thing about working as a Content Creator Manager and Social Media Manager here at Rachael Academy is that each day is different. My “official” title is Content Director, but what I do encompasses a lot more than simply writing a few articles or blog posts. We all wear many hats here at Rachael […] More

  • 3 Powerful Ways To Make It Rain In Your Startup Business

    Okay so you’ve made it this far you’ve managed to raise the capital for your small homebased business and you’re ready to go. You’ve made up your mind that you’re going to put in all the wok and effort that is needed to make your startup a success. The business journey is mindfield with many […] More