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  • How To Stay Close To Your Family And Have Your Career Too

    “Well, often when running after two rabbits we’ll end up loosing both of them”. A quote I came across some time ago, but no, this saying is not always true and it does not apply here within the topic of your career. Usually people find it confusing when they realise that in order to have […] More

  • 5 Things You Need To Know About Your Entrepreneurial Wife

    Are you a woman in business and you’re wondering how to cope with the balancing act of building, growing or launching a business whilst trying to take care of your family? Or maybe you have a wife, girlfriend, woman or significant other who is in business and you’re not quite sure how to support her […] More

  • How to Get the Family on Board When It’s Time to Declutter

    Hi lovelies I’m back, hope you had a lovely weekend it’s Monday the 15th of October and yes that’s right this latest post of mine is right of the press as they say. Last time we were together we touched on how to Giving Every Item a Logical “Home”. Today we are going to be […] More

  • Sixty Uses Of Baking Soda I’ve Come Up With For My Home

    When you’ve built something from scratch like a business, you end up learning how to stretch your budget in every area of your life. As a busy mum and business owner, my dilemma is trying to keep my house and home business organised and in order. So I’ve come with an idea how to keep […] More

  • My Best 7 Tips To Get More Done

    Okay so I’m in; It’s 12th January and I’m in full swing of 2018. I think I’v got this under control now, after pealing myself from under my cosy warm blankets through out Christmas to face another New Year. Right off the pedal I’m jumping in full head, arms and legs into a new business […] More

  • First Decide Where You Are Going, Then Decide Who’s Going With You

     First Decide where you are going, then decide who’s going with you. Sam Keen (Fire in the Belly; On Being a Man) It’s been said; ‘it’s not about where you’re from but it’s about where you’re going’. In interpersonal interactions in our ‘modern’ society we’ve grown accustomed to asking after an individual’s origins, town […] More

  • 11 Potent Foods That Help Me Lose Weight & Live Healthy

    For the past 6 month I’ve been on an revamp of my life to live a more healthy and fit lifestyle. It’s one thing to have the idea the problems come when you have to execute the plan you have in your mind and this where in the past I came against a brick wall. […] More

  • How Team Work Makes The Dream Work And Other Juicy TipBits

    This coming August 2017 I will be celebrating my 23 years of Friendship and 20 years of Marriage to my partner in crime. I can’t believe it has been 20 years already since we said I do. It’s scary to think that I have spent more time with this wonderful man than I’ve spent alive […] More