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Conversations With Jacqueline The Emotional Strategist

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Jacqueline is an Author, Emotions Strategist, Wellness Advocate & PeopleWhisperer, and loves to take any opportunity to travel.

In 2015, Jacqueline tried her hand at writing poetry, one of which was successfully published in an Anthology called Contrasting Visions.

She is thrilled to tell you that she has two books being published this year. Blind Spot an Anthology and Walk Quiet Run Quick.

Blind Spot, ‘what the eyes didn’t see…’  highlights Jacqueline’s chapter called Green Eyes, a heartbreaking account of her non-acceptance by certain members of her family and the aftermath that was left behind.

Her debut novella Walk Quiet Run Quick is a Contemporary Fiction. A narrative that showcases a relationship that becomes unhealthy and as a result leads to the protagonist being abused physically, emotionally and financially.

Jacqueline welcome to The Secret Diaries Of Entrepreneurs.


1. Sum up Jacqueline using three words, (Why those three words?)

2. What inspires you?
3. Tell us a little bit about your work with domestic violence and how you came about working in this field?4. What has been the main challenges that you have faced when working with victims of domestic violence? 

5. You work with emotional behaviour with your clients. What are the emotional behaviour of a domestic abuser or signs we should be looking for to stay clear of those kinds of people?


6. Emotions Strategist, Wellness Advocate and now author,tell us how you became a writer. What was your motivations?


7. I work with so many different kinds of entrepreneurs and business owners. One of the things I find with some of them is breaking old minds sets and habits. What would you do the help them get in touch with their emotions when it comes to growing a business?


8. What projects are you working on at the moment?


9.Your business goals and aspirations for 2018


10. How can the audience find out more about you and your work?


Get to know Jacqueline

FB– jacquelinefrancis
Twitter– @jackyfrancis
Instagram- jacquelinefrancis17
LinkedIn– Jacqueline Francis


Walk Quiet Run Quick a fictional romance which is my debut novella.

Blind Spot Anthology which is a collection of autobiographies by 16 other authors. My chapter is called Green Eyes.

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