Do You Have Full Sales Support Within Your Business?


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You are great at getting leads. You call the leads, close the sale one after another. Your close rate is fantastic. In fact, they call you The Closer at work. Then, you enter it into the sales system and hope and pray everything goes smoothly from there.

A week later you get a call from the customer wondering what’s happening with their order. You can have the greatest sales force in the world, but it won’t mean much if sales are delayed or getting lost. The front end is doing its job, but the backend is not keeping up. It could be a system problem, or it could be staffing shortfalls. Whatever the case, this can be a worse condition than not getting the sales in the first place. If you get negative reviews and comments because of these types of problems, this can hurt your business. If you are the sole worker in your company, you may think you are exempt from this type of problem.

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However, if third-party companies are responsible for fulfillment or order processing it can affect you as well. At least when order processing is part of a company, there is something the company can do to change the procedures. When you are dealing with third-party companies, if you don’t get satisfaction, the only recourse is to try and find a different company. Businesses will often test their sales flow to make sure all the components are working as planned. Sometimes they hire outside companies to handle these tests.

You may have heard of the term mystery shopper. This is one class of company that can do testing for you. Having an outside entity helps to keep from having bias entered into the process. If employees know the person who is testing out the process, it may not be as effective. If there aren’t procedures in place for the entire sales process, the different departments are likely to point fingers at each other. Should sales handle calls from customers, or should that be a function of the customer service department?

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When procedures are implemented, this problem can be reduced in a significant manner. You won’t catch every situation, especially in the beginning. But, you can handle them as they occur. It’s an ongoing process that takes some time to get it right. But when you do, your customers will have a great experience buying from your company.

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