Does A Business Name Make A Business? When It Comes To Your Business Success, Plenty!

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How important is the name of a business? Should the name of a business reflect what the business does or is it better to come up with something catchy and easy to  remember? — Randy P.

What’s in a name? When it comes to your business, Randy, a lot more than you might think.

In fact, deciding on a business name is one of the most important decisions you will ever make.


The right business name can help you rise above the crowd while the wrong business name can leave you trampled in the rush. With the economy in a slump and competition on the rise, now more than ever it is important that you put considerable thought into coming up with the perfect name for your business.


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Unfortunately, this is a task that is easier said than done. It seems like all the good business names are either married or… no wait, that’s a different subject, but the analogy holds true. We live in an age when a business called “The Body Shop” might repair wrecked cars or sell skintight jeans to teenagers or take care of your skin, so before you send your letterhead to the printer, consider the following points to help you select the business name that’s right for you. You can use our domain seacrh tool to help you search for the right name for your business. Click here to get started.


The first thing you should do is conduct a little research to determine if the name is already in use by someone else. You would be surprised at how many entrepreneurs forget to research this point and open a business with a name that is already in use. Check with company house and the secretary of state to make sure the name isn’t already licensed for use or incorporated with the state. Also check with the Company House Patent and Trademark office to see if the name is already trademarked, i.e., owned, by someone else. Using another company’s trademarked name exposes you to legal action by the trademark owner. Even if your name is just similar to the trademarked name, you may find yourself in court defending your right to use the name. And odds are it’s a battle you will lose.


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If the name you choose is not in use, you should immediately reserve the name (if you plan on  incorporating).

Another important thing to consider is the domain name for your business. The domain name is the website address a customer will use to find you on the Web. Is the domain name for your business name available? If not, is there a domain similar to the business name you’re considering?

You will undoubtedly discover that securing a suitable domain name is actually harder than choosing a business name. Most logical domain names are already reserved, but you might get lucky. Keep in mind that domain names should be short and descriptive, and preferably have the .com or .net extension.


At the end of the day if you do as much research as hunamly possible, then you have covered all your bases and you are ready to go. We wish you all the sucess in getting started, stop by and let us know how you get on.



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