How To Make 5K A Month With Your Own Fiverr Business


Are you looking to start a successful online home-based business? There’re many men and women who have already taken a bite from the freelancing world and their one time small business has turned into a full fledge business that is bringing them a good steady income month after month. The market shows that there are more that 25% of people jumping into the online and home based business space and there’s no sign of slowing down, even more so with all the world changes.

So many people are looking for ways to top up their current income with a part-time job and serious takers are even looking for ways to quit their 9-to-5 and find genuine ways of making a living online and Fiverr is a great place to start.

When you start a business on Fiverr, it starts out with an idea, which can blossom into reality. What is it that you like to do for fun, or what are your talents? When you think about that, it’s easier than you can imagine coming up with an idea that will sell. When you research Fiverr before you start, you will see what already sells. See what people are offering, then differentiate yourself from them and sell things that people want to buy.

Why not turn your hobbies and talents into a freelancing business. Working on Fiverr requires you to help people get what they need accomplished. When you are thinking about others, it will make it easier on both you and the client. This is where a win, win situation comes in, because the client is looking for what you have to offer and you’re selling something that you enjoy doing. ‘WIN – WIN’

Table of Contents


Chapter 1:

Before You Setup Your Account

Chapter 2:

S.W.O.T. Analysis

Chapter 3:

What You Need To Get Started

Chapter 4:

How To Come Up With A Good Gig Idea

Chapter 5:

Fun Hobbies You Can Turn Into Cash

Chapter 6:

Tell Others About Your Goals

Chapter 7:

Be Confident In Your Brand

Chapter 8:

How To Set Up Your Account

Chapter 9:

Comfortability With Your Gig

Chapter 10:

Help When You Need It

Chapter 11:

Get The Fiverr App


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