Financial Planning-From Poor House To Living Comfy


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Sound financial planning can take you from the “poor house” to being able to live a comfortable life on just what you make right now. I know that you are thinking that, this is impossible but with the right tools and some perseverance you can do just about anything you set your mind to.

Now you are thinking that there is no way you can do this yourself and do not see the logic in putting out more money for something that probably will not work anyway, right? Nope. You can do this yourself and you do not need a professional to help you. You can hire one if you wish to but it is not necessary.

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The first thing you need to do is get your head in the game. Do you play fantasy football? If you do then you understand the level of diligence and commitment you need to get your finances in order. In fantasy football, every single week you need to keep track of what your players are doing and make changes or select different options to get through to the next week.

Well, this is the exact same amount of dedication needed to fix your finances. Every week you need to keep track of what your bills are doing and make changes or select different options to get through to the next week and then the next month. Before you know it you could be living debt free. All you need is one small attitude change.

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Even if you do not play fantasy football, figure out what you are passionate about and use that as your example of the energy you need to put into being debt free and living a better life. It is possible and you can accomplish this yourself.

Go to the store and check out the financial planning software that is available. Make sure to only pay for what you need, do not go and get the top of the line software because it may have too many options.

Most of which you will never use. Get what you need and try not to overspend. Or, you can just create a document on your computer to keep track of things if you do not have the money to spend on software.

Start by figuring out how much money is brought into the household from all sources then figure out how much goes right back out due to bills. List your bills out and put them in order from smallest to biggest. Write down due dates and any other pertinent information you might need, like the company name and phone number. Contact each of your creditors and find out how much they will take every month as a minimum payment. Write it down.

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After you have all of this figured out then commit yourself to being diligent about paying every bill every month on the due date. See what is left over and put all available extra cash toward the smallest bill. When that is paid off do the same for the next and so on.
When all is said and done and you are debt free you will be kicking yourself that you had not been financial planning all along. But hey, everything happens when it is supposed to so, enjoy it now.

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