“How Do I Get Started Online If I Don’t Have My Own Products” (Part II)

In the last “From the Trenches” Tip, I said that people should publish a newsletter as their first product, because it’s cheap, easy, and lays a strong foundation for future product rollouts.

I received a lot of great feedback from that article, the majority of which was people thanking me for FINALLY giving their business some direction.

However, I also receive a few emails from people asking me, “How in the heck do I go about starting a newsletter, and what topic should I pick?”

Those are very fair questions and so I’ll try to address them right now…
You have to keep in mind that there are literally millions and millions of people that can be reached on the internet, and so virtually any topic (within reason) can be in demand.

====================== Side Note ======================

“Hang Gliding”, for example, was searched over 5000 times on Overture alone. Is that enough interest to start a business? I don’t really know, but I do know that you should be able to find a topic that has a slightly broader appeal than hang gliding. 🙂

====================== Side Note ======================

My suggestion is, first and foremost, to pick a topic that you know *something* about, and really enjoy doing. I know it seems like a cop-out, but this really is the best way to succeed online.

Once you’ve chosen a topic, then see if other people who would be interested in that topic can be easily reached through the internet. Check out the search engines and the newsgroups. See if there’s anyone else out there who shares in your passion.

If there isn’t anyone, then just come up with a different topic until you find something with an audience. Once you have your topic (and a known following) then just choose how you will form your newsletter and build yourself a site to “sell” it.

Advertise it a bit to this group, and then send out your first issue after about a month of advertising. Depending on the response, you should have a good idea of whether or not it would be profitable to continue to nurture a relationship with this group.
If the response is good, just keep doing what you’re doing and before you know it you’ll have a list of raving fans who trust and respect you, and will pay close attention to any product that you rollout in the future.

Ok, I admit that I have dumbed the process down quite a bit, but there have been whole books written on this topic and so it would be ridiculous of me to try to cover everything in this one article. What I want to do, more than anything, is to outline the basic steps so that you can adapt them to your own business.

In short, I’m trying to teach you how to fish rather than just handing you baked salmon.

So start thinking about what you really really love, and then isolate a niche that you can reach on the Internet. If other people online share in your passion, you could very well have a profitable newsletter on your hands.

====================== Side Note ======================

I said earlier that whole books had been written on the topic of ezine publishing…
Well one of the best of seen is Jimmy Brown’s “Profit Pulling Newsletters”, and so if you really want to give your own newsletter a jump start I highly recommend it.
Here’s the link if you’re interested: –> http://www.optinautomator.com/ppn.htm

====================== Side Note ======================

If you have any questions about this week’s “From the Trenches” Tip, please feel free to get in touch with us here


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