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How I Learned To Set Goals For Success And How You Can Too!

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We all know how it is to set goals. Setting goals is one of those big things we all know we should do, but on the other hand we find ourselves stuck and unsure where to even start.

As we come to the last quarter of the year, this would probably be the best time to share with you how I learnt to set goals and set goals that matter.

So if you want to set practical and achievable goals for yourself, business and life follow the steps below.


Welcome to your first lesson in the Setting Goals for Success Crash Course. Over the next few days,I’m going to share with you and help  you to learn how you can get started setting goals that will help you achieve business and personal success.


In this first lesson, we are going to talk a little about how limiting beliefs can be stopping you from achieving your goals.


Everyone has conscious or subconscious ideas that can become limiting beliefs. These beliefs have the ability to stop us from achieving our goals if we let them. Sometimes these beliefs are instilled in us in childhood and sometimes we create them ourselves.


For example, how you see yourself with money can be a limiting belief that can get in your way of success.


If you believe you will always struggle and always be poor, chances are you’ll set yourself up for failure. The limiting belief that you’re poor and that you always will be becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. The same can be said about anything negative in your life that limits you.


Whether it’s career, education, or personal such as being healthy and fit. If you see yourself a certain way, it can be hard to change that view and let go of that limiting belief.


Did you know there are eight telling phrases that point to a limiting belief? Let’s go over them now:


– It’s hopeless

Anytime you use the word “never” it’s a clue that you’re focusing on a limiting belief. For example “I’ll never have any money because takes money to make money.”


– I’m helpless

When most people feel uneducated or helpless, they blame their circumstances instead of working to change them. “I can’t manage my money because I don’t know how” sounds insightful, but the part that’s missing is the feeling of helplessness when all you need to do is take a personal finance course or buy, read and practice the lessons in a book like Personal Finances for Dummies or The Total Money Makeover which are both available on


– It’s useless

The idea that nothing you do will make a difference is a very powerful self-limiting belief. If you believe that, any action you take won’t make a difference it takes away your will to even try and reach your goals.


Have you ever thought to yourself?

– It doesn’t matter if I exercise an hour a day, I won’t lose weight?”
– Or It doesn’t matter how hard I work I’ll never get that promotion?
That kind of negative self-talk has the power to keep you from moving forward.


– The universe is out to get me

Sometimes a limiting belief has to do with the idea that outside forces that you can’t control are at work keeping you down. You can’t find a job or get clients because the economy sucks, where you live is depressed, you don’t have the right clothing and so forth, but you do nothing in your power to change it because it’s destiny. “Everything happens for a reason” type of thinking can be very limiting and make you feel powerless.


– I’m worthless

The idea that you’re not smart enough or good enough to do what you really want can be a very strong limiting belief system and seems to affect women more than men. You feel you’re not pretty enough, smart enough, or good enough to have something, so you don’t take the steps to achieve it, because you don’t feel that you deserve it.


– It’s genetic

While there are certainly some instances where genetics play a huge role in a person’s life, the truth is that almost everything that is genetic can be fixed with the right mindset, training, exercise, and outlook. You’re not stuck with your genetics, but if you think you are, you may not try any of the things to pull yourself out of the rut you’re stuck in.


– I’ll fail

The truth is the fear of failure is something most people have as a limiting belief. “I’m a bad public speaker so if I do it, I’ll be judged, and I’ll fail anyway so why try” is a common refrain. But, how can you set that belief in stone if you’ve not tried?


– I’m different

The limiting belief about being different is that different is necessarily bad. You don’t want to be who you are because you’re different and you’ll be looked at as different by other people. You’re afraid to be who you are, and because of that you don’t even know who you are, and you’re too scared to find out due to fear of rejection and ending up alone.


If you ever hear any of these phrases go through your head, try to disconnect from them, and turn them around to “why not me” instead of “why me.” Always ask “why not me” because the truth is, you’re not feeling anything different from anyone else who has made goals and achieved them. The difference is in the doing, not the intelligence or talent.


We have a lot to go over in the next few days if you want to learn how start-setting goals that will help you achieve the success you dream of, so make sure you look for and join me on our next lesson soon. We will be talking about the importance of setting the right goals for yourself.


See you in the next couple of days….


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