How I lost 3/12 Stones

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Have you ever wanted something so bad that the thought of it scared you? Well for me it was my battle with weight gain. It had been a battle of the will for about 2 years, but the breaking point came for me when I found myself crying myself to sleep in bed at night.


My back and joints had started to swell from the extra weight I was carrying.

I would wait for my husband to fall asleep, then I would begin the tears. I know what you’re thinking.


Why in Gods earth would you tell something so personal online to the whole wide world? I know.. This wouldn’t have been me 5 years ago but I’ve gone through so much S…T and managed to come out of them through the other side standing, even if at some point I had to carry myself through I did it.

You know the reality is that life ain’t sometimes fair, sorry to bust your bobble folks

And because I made it through I know you can too.

Your journey might not be like mine and the goal you want to achieve might seem so far away. But I suppose this is one of the reason why I want to share my journey of weight loss with you.

It has been 1 whole year since starting in November 2017 and I’m glad to say that I’ve lost 3 and a half stones.

It Feels Great!

But I know the journey and cost it took for me to get here. But I’m also so humbled and glad I went on this journey because I’ve learnt so much about life, myself and my business and I do believe the experience I’ve gone through has taught me so much life lesson I wouldn’t have learnt otherwise.

It has also given me a huge respect for all you fitness junkies out there ‘You Go’ boy you guys do this every day, I’ve seen your Instagram profiles.

Some of you have been asking what I did and what products I used if any to help on my journey. So In my next couple of videos I’ll be doing a series on it and maybe we could have some guest on Rachael Academy Podcast to share their expertise on keeping fit and weight loss.

I mean we only have just over 5 weeks till- should I even say it-Christmas so we better get started on the New Year Resolution quick.

Don’t forget to stop by to my YouTube channel (Rachael Academy). If you subscribe to my channel you will automatically be added to my VIP List and you know what that means? GOODIES for you..

Speak soon much love.






If your wanting to start your own weight loss journey here are some few resources and products that helped me along my journey.


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