How I Started A Successful Online Business With Affiliate Programs

When it comes to making money online, I believe that there are literally a million ways to do it. The only things stopping you is you creativity and your willingness to both learn quickly act upon what you have learned. Please do not be like I was for a few years and keep reading and not really implementing what you learn. Each day that you
procrastinate you only put yourself further behind in reaching your goals. Set your goals high, believe in yourself and then DO IT. Don’t think about it, don’t hope, don’t
dream….JUST DO IT.

I recently did a Facebook live about this topic of just getting stated in doing what you love.

One thing that keeps many people from achieving success is the fear that they may
make a mistake. SO WHAT! If you make a mistake then get up and go on. Everyone
who has ever achieved any level of noteworthy success has made a lot more mistakes
than you’ll ever know. Plus the most valuable education often comes from the mistakes that you make. Don’t let fear keep you bound because you really have nothing to lose from trying. Just keep moving forward until you reach your destination…then set a higher goal!


Make Money Online with Affiliate Programs

Most of the ideas that I have listed here are completely random and just listed in order
that I thought of the, However, I intentionally made affiliate marketing number one of this list because it is by far the easiest way that I know to make money online.
Just in case you’ve never tried your hand at affiliate marketing here is an easy guide for getting started and a few tips to help you avoid the mistakes that many “newbie”
marketers often make.

I’ve heard it said over and over again that in order to make money online you first need to give something freely. That’s very true when it comes to affiliate marketing. Also have a sincere “GIVE BEFORE YOU GET” mindset. Give your audience good quality, original information and they’ll reward you with great sales!

Before you select affiliate products to sell you need to focus your attention on a
MARKETABLE NICHE. Notice, I didn’t just say a niche but a marketable niche. There’s a huge difference.

A marketable niche not only likes your product but also has the disposable income to
spend on your product.

Let me illustrate this for you…literally: Kids who love SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS are a very large niche. But since children don’t usually have their own money to
spend they’re not the marketable niche that you want to go after.

The real marketable niche for Spongebob is the parents of the kids or in many cases even the grown ups themselves who also love the crazy cartoon character and don’t mind spending their money on the multitude of products that bear his likeness.
See the difference. Focus on a niche where people have money that they don’t mind
spending on your products.

Choosing Products

Now let’s talk about WHERE to find products online to sell. Here a few companies or
affiliate product directories where you can sign up as an affiliate programs and earn a commission on the referral sales that come from your links. There are many more…but these are just a few of the most popular ones to get you started. The world’s largest marketplace for digital products.

http://www.Paydotcom – Sort of a cross between Paypal and Clickbank but vendors can sell either digital or physical products. – A huge affiliate directory for major businesses. – Affiliate manager for major companies. – More than a bookseller, Amazon is a huge affiliate

This is just the tip of the iceberg…you can find millions of products to offer to your niche audience just by searching for “affiliate programs” at your favorite search engine.

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