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How To Arouse And Inspire Your Audience Through The Art of Speech With Brenden Kumarasamy


Welcome lovelies to another episode of The Secret Diaries of an Entrepreneur. We’re so looking forwards to introducing you yo our upcoming guest. Those who know me and follow me online, know I go on about ‘Showcasing’ Yep that word again, but seriously guys – it’s so important we do so, especially when it comes to growing our business. So we invited on to the hot seat of the Secret Diaries of an Entrepreneur experienced speaker and facilitator, Brenden  Kumarasamy to share with us the art of communication and how we can communicate with our audience effectively as business owners and those of us who inspire to become influencers within our niche.

Brenden understands that our audience need to walk away captivated, and above all, inspired to master the art of communication. It should be seen as something to look forward to rather than a burden that must be overcome.

It all begins with impact.

Despite all the presentations I’ve given over my life, I still remember to this day how scared I was to post my first YouTube video.

I didn’t look like anything in my workshops or presentations, but I went ahead with this project for one reason.


A wise friend once told me that I couldn’t possibly coach every human being on Earth with the limited time I had in my life, so I needed to go on video to share my message with the world. I got over my fear, practiced 100’s of times on camera until I was finally able to say that I was “YouTube Ready”.

All’s to say that when you care about others and only want to add value, you’ll be able to overcome any fear/obstacle in the service of others.

Title of your show

How To Arouse And Inspire Your Audience Through The Art of Speech With Brenden Kumarasamy

We like to ask all our guest questions that we would like them to answer on our show, here are yours.

  1. Hi Brenden; It’s wonderful having you on the show. Can you tell us a little bit about what you do and what makes you tic?
  2. A lot of people find it hard to communicate let alone communicate a pacific message. Could you tell us what are the three types of communication skills that enable an individual to express ideas and concepts using words?
  3. Connecting with my audience is a big deal to me and when working with clients I tell them to connect with their audience, community and tribe. How do you prefer to build rapport with others?
  4. As business owners it’s important that we are always searching for ways to get our message and voice heard. But a lot of us don’t know if we’re being successful or not. Talk about a successful presentation you gave and why you think it did so well.
  5. Here at Rachael Academy we do a lot of work with a variety of content mediums and work with clients to produce engaging content for their brands. Which one do you prefer written or verbal communication and Why?
  6. Do think it’s important as business owners and entrepreneurs embarking on using media in whatever format to develop a communication style and what is your communication style?
  7. Why did you start MasterTalk and what is MasterTalk all about?
  8. When did you discover that you were a good communicator and can an individual develop the art of communication or are we just born with it?
  9. Is there any advice you could give to people who are particularly resistant to the idea of getting their brand out there through the art of communication e.g. verbal, content, media etc.?
  10. Tell us Brenden what you provide in your presentation workshops and if I was to attend one of your workshops what practical exercises will I be put through?
  11. Thank you so much Brenden for being a guest on our show before you tell our listens where they can find out more about your amazing work, In closing tell us which one communication hurdle you personally faced that stands out to you and how did you overcome it?

Find out more about Brenden 

Youtube:  MasterTalk

Website: MasterTalk


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How To Arouse And Inspire Your Audience Through The Art of Speech With Brenden Kumarasamy

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