How To Become A Conscious Entrepreneur While Building An Authentic You With Paul Zelizer


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Hello my lovelies welcome to another episode of The Secret Diaries of an Entrepreneur. I hope you’re all having an awesome week? It has been really busy here in the studio, there’s an air of excitement for all the upcoming projects we have in store for you.

In our upcoming show of the Secret Diaries of An Entrepreneur were talking all about Authenticity and what that means and looks like in business.

Does being an authentic business owner and entrepreneur make a difference to the success and growth of your business? We talk with Paul Zelizer founder of the Awarepreneurs a community that helps to build conscious entrepreneurs across the globe. Paul will be sharing with us his thoughts on how to become a conscious entrepreneur while building an authentic you. Going Live! on the 26th June 2020, so make sure you stay tune for the thought provoking show with Paul Zelizer.


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