How To Become A Passionate Creative And Make Money Out Of Your Creative Work With Russell Nohelty.

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Are you a brand new creative newbie who has a bucket full of project ideas but not sure how to showcase your works? Or a seasoned creative who is passionate about bringing a spotlight on your work within the crowded marketplace full of other great talent just like you?

One of the myths out their is that you really can’t make a living out of your creative work.

This was something that I heard over and over again when I was a young creative teen in the nighties and if you had a creative bone in your body- you might as well count yourself out of landing a decent job that paid you well doing what you loved in the creative field.

Now all that has changed!

Thanks to the internet and the advancement in technology the door has been pushed wide open,  and just about any creative can land a great job, not just land a job they can also start their own thing doing what they love. Yes you could potentially get paid doing what you love by publishing your own works.

So if you’re creative in writing and you’re wondering if you can merge your creative writing skills with some commercial savvyness and turn your work of art into a work of art that pays, then you want to listen in to our latest guest The Secret Diaries of An Entrepreneur USA Today Best Selling Author Russell Nohelty.  



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Written by Rachael Phillips

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How To Become A Passionate Creative And Make Money Out Of Your Creative Work With Russell Nohelty.