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‘Always be very careful to whom and to what you subscribe’ – you only live once and life is too short to be involved in stuff that is essentially going nowhere; even if it’s going there fast. So if I’m not for you please move on.

I’m writing and creating content because that is what I am, the words of Maya Angelou resonate with me ‘When I talk to God, I describe myself as a writer’. Likewise life has brought me to a place where as a creative individual I realise that writing is the paint brush with which I express myself on the canvas of life.

In my younger days I left home at 17 to become a fashion designer and musician. Creativity was always my primary purpose. But I got lost along the way, predominantly because I didn’t value purpose or realise that it was imperative to live my unique purpose if I wished to live a fulfilled life.

I got caught up in the convention of religion, not because I was attracted to convention but, I had heightened spiritual antennae; this is where I learnt after many years to be careful to whom or to what I subscribe.

Church exploited my spirituality and feed on the resources of my youthful energy. 17 years went to this misadventure, but now I must exploit the spoils. I learnt a lot about people, I learnt a lot about study and communicating thoughts, and when I was studying chasing down an idea I realised I was in flow.

Most of all I evolved, you can’t go through significant life events without it impacting you significantly, I believe the impact inspired evolution, enabled me to attain greater clarity and a certain level of enlightenment.

I read extensively and I saw the extent at which the religious community to which I’d subscribed feared psychology, I realised I should study this science and understand its implications, Invariably now I know the signs I realise, all human conventions including science and psychology have increments of mind control and imposed belief systems. That being said I’m learning as much as I can across a broad spectrum of disciplines, and in process of obtaining a psychology degree.


I’m passionate about purpose, living my own purpose and in any way I can, assist those that ask for my help to fulfill theirs. This comes out in my writing. I’m passionate about maturity, I think the maturer we are the more likely it’ll be that our interactions with those we encounter can be worthwhile to all parties involved. And I’m Passionate about life. I really believe life is worth living and worth living well, giving your best shot too, and not giving up if you’ve made a mistake, slipped up etc. Because the show goes on and each new moment is a new opportunity.

And I’m passionate about people; I think people are the most valuable commodity on the planet and that we often don’t value ourselves enough as individuals and that on a planet where some Kats are going around hogging all the self-esteem, we can’t afford to roll with the out moded paradyim of low self-esteem, life is to short we all have far to much to contribute and some of the Kats getting the air play don’t deserve the Mike!! SO its time to be the star in your own movie, your own primary investor, your own #1 fan and ensure your living your purpose and rocking your corner of the planet. Click to listen into is show



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Written by Rachael Phillips

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