How To Build A Successful Blog And Turn It Into A Lifestyle Business

One of my favorite ways to make money with blogging is to simply set up a blog for your niche market. Niche marketing and blogging go hand in hand.

I’ve set up several small blogs for niches that I’m interested in and am amazed at how
simple the process is. You can set up a free blog using either or


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Whichever of the two platforms that you select is pretty much a matter of personal
preference. I happen to like wordpress better because I like the wide range of templates and plugins that are available to make customization a snap. With wordpress it’s also very easy to add affiliate banners and links that immediately pulls in visitors and stirs their interest in whatever I’m advertising.

After adding links and banners to your blog, the next step is to get some traffic. The
great thing about blogging is that traffic is drawn to blogs like a moth to a flame. Google really seems to love blogs and will index your blogs very quickly. You can also get lots of traffic coming to your blog by submitting it to blog directories.  The more traffic that your blog gets the more visitors and subscribers you’ll end up with.

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