How To Create, Build And Leave A Legacy


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Welcome to the month of February here on Rachael Academy. Can you believe we’re entering another month of 2021? I know – even with all the restrictions in full affect time seems to not have gotten the memo of slowing down. She has her own plans and is casually moving (fast) ahead with what she has to do.

Starting 2021 for all of us has not been fast off the tracks and knowing what the end destination looks like is even more difficult. With that in mind in the month of February we’ve created a series called ‘The Legacy Living.’  The aim of the series is to help us stay focus on what we set out to do and accomplish as business owners and entrepreneurs. This series will be from our Personal Development Tool Box.

Our personal Development tool box is packed with uplifting and motivating articles that will help you stay positive, motivated and uplifted.

In The Legacy Living Series we’re going to tackle and cover some great subjects and topics that we as business owners don’t typically approach, but questions and thoughts that are necessary on the journey we call life if we truly want to live a meaningful and impactful existence with our lives.

So here is what we’re going to be covering through out this series:-

Week 1:
How To Create, Build And Leave A Legacy
Week 2:
How To Become a Famous Grandfather (or Grandmother)
Week 3:
It’s Time To Take Charge of  Your Time
Week 4:
Creating A Sense of Meaning and Purpose
Week 5:
Time To Go Viral!
Week 6:
5 Things You Can Do Now for the Hereafter
week 7:
5 Things You Can Do Starting Today
Week 8:
5 More Things You Can Start Right Away
Week 9:
How To Spread Your Message For The Future
Week 10:
How To Plant Seeds, Many Seeds

So let’s get started with week one. How To Create, Build And Leave A Legacy

Does the thought of leaving behind a legacy make you feel very small? Or you find yourself saying “Oh no, this is not for me”. I am no Abraham Lincoln or Albert Einstein, Mother Theresa or Madam C.J. Walker!

Well Think again.

For a change to happen in our lives when it comes to beginning our journey of legacy building , we must not think of such great internationally acclaimed icons of achievement. We must first begin small. Think of someone around you – your friend or relative or colleague at the office or someone that has impacted your life for the better, just anyone who is or was a part of your daily life.

What do you instantly remember about him or her? Did he do something good for you or others? Did she create something special that benefitted other people? Did they fight some small injustice in the system and change the rules for better? So you recall that stern old Murphy, your manager at the factory was also a kind and fair boss who was loved and respected by all your co-workers. It strikes you that it was your uncle Thomas who led a small collection to raise money to save the local old Art Deco cinema house on your street from the wrecking ball and got it registered as a heritage property. And your mother’s incredible apple pies are spoken of by every family for three blocks down the road, all because she generously shared her recipe on the young stay at home mothers till they perfected the Art of the Apple Pie!

There you are…that is legacy! When individuals imprint their deeds in the hearts and mind of people around them, they leave behind a legacy. Now think…what do people recall when they think of you right now? Good stuff? Bad stuff? Sad stuff? Or maybe, you never gave it a thought, did you?

Maybe individuals around you don’t recall you at all…

And how does that make you feel? Probably makes you feel even smaller than before. But you now know this means? It means you are ready to begin the journey of legacy building and even the humblest person can leave behind a legacy. So as we begin this journey take out the time to stop and ask yourself this simple and important question. “Do you want to live a life of legacy? So get cracking, bang into the game and start doing YOUR thing – those simple but amazing deeds that will leave behind YOUR legacy.

Here are some assignments I’ll leave with you for week one to get on with.

Question 1: What does Legacy mean to you?

Question 2: Who around you do you feel has left a mark on your life?

Question: 3 What are you known for, the good, the bad and the ugly?

Question 4: Do you want to be remembered for it? If not are you ready to change the script?

I will see you next week on series 2 where we’ll be look at How To Become a Famous Grandfather (or Grandmother). I’ll see you next week.

Don’t for get to check out all our amazing motivational tips and advice from our Personal Development Tool Box. Until next time.

Rachael Aprill Phillips

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